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Buffalo Bulls In The NFL Preseason Jake Schum and James Starks

Patrick Smith/Getty Images

Within a week NFL teams will have to cut their roster down to 75 players and of the two Bulls in action tonight one of them really needed "a win" while the other was pretty safe.

The alumnus needing a win was Jake Schum. He and Bryan Anger are competing or the punting job in Tampa Bay. Anger was a pretty highly drafted punter several years back and the Bucks brought him in during the offseason for 1.75 million dollars ( about 1.3 million more than Schum makes).

So far this preseason it's been pretty tight. The first game was a push then, in week two, Anger looked a bit better.

This week, just in time for the cut down to 75, Schum played the stronger game.

Tampa Bay at Cleveland

(3:12 - 2nd) (Punt formation) B.Anger punts 51 yards to CLV 27, Center-A.DePaola. C.Coleman pushed ob at CLV 37 for 10 yards (M.Awe)

(0:47 - 2nd) (Punt formation) J.Schum punts 39 yards to CLV 15, Center-A.DePaola. C.Coleman to CLV 15 for no gain (R.Shepard)

(9:32 - 3rd) (Punt formation) B.Anger punts 55 yards to CLV 35, Center-A.DePaola. T.Gabriel to CLV 39 for 4 yards (K.Cartwright). PENALTY on CLV-T.Watson, Illegal Block Above the Waist, 10 yards, enforced at CLV 39

(2:55 - 3rd) (Punt formation) J.Schum punts 52 yards to CLV 12, Center-A.DePaola. T.Gabriel to CLV 24 for 12 yards (I.Johnson). PENALTY on CLV-C.Johnson, Illegal Block Above the Waist, 9 yards, enforced at CLV 18

Schum put two punts inside the 20 and after penalties were assessed he allowed negative three return yards on the evening. Anger had a slightly higher average punt but he allowed 20 yards in returns.

Meanwhile, James Starks' job is safe so tonight's performance was more a matter of staying healthy and doing the little things right.

While his numbers don't look great Starks was able to come through when it mattered, including a tough two yard carry on 4th and 2 to continue a drive that yielded a touchdown one play later.

After the game, Aaron Rodgers stressed the 1-2 nature of Green Bay's running attack.