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Keep up with UB Athletics on Twitter

Our old database was getting out of date.

It's been over two years since I've done this, and for obvious reasons it's time for an update. No student-athletes here. Even if they're adults and their accounts are public we try not to broadcast them to a larger audience.


The difference between Leipold and his staff and Quinn and his on Twitter is staggering. That doesn't help win any games, but it adds something for fans. Of course, there's always the official accounts, too:

Head Coach Lance Leipold: 

Offensive Coordinator Andy Kotelnicki: 
Defensive Coordinator Brian Borland: 
Recruiting Coordinator Rob Ianello: 

Offensive Line Coach Daryl Agpalsa: 
Tight Ends Coach Alan Hensell: 
Running Backs Coach Matt Simon:

Linebackers Coach Chris Simpson:
Safeties Coach D.J. Vokolek:
Defensive Line Coach Tim Edwards:

Men's Basketball

Head Coach Nate Oats: 

Assistant Coach Donyell Marshall: 
Assistant Coach Bryan Hodgson: 
Director of Player Development Julius Hodge: 
Director of Basketball Operations Adam Bauman: 

Men's Soccer

Head Coach Stu Riddle: 

Assistant Coach Davie Carmichael: 
Assistant Coach Cody Camp: 

Women's Soccer

Head Coach Shawn Burke: 

Assistant Coach Casey Derkacz: 
Assistant Coach Molly Rouse: 


Men's and Women's Cross Country

Assistant Coach Todd Witzleben: 


Women's Basketball

Head Coach Felisha Legette-Jack: 

Assistant Coach Cherie Cordoba: 
Assistant Coach Ashley Zuber: 
Assistant Coach Kristen Sharkey: 
Director of Basketball Operations Hayley Weagant: 


Assistant Coach Bryce Hasseman: 
Assistant Coach Craig Fechko: 

Swimming and Diving

Head Coach Andy Bashor: 

Assistant Coach Will Bernhardt: 
Assistant Coach Aaron Mahaney: 
Assistant Coach Lauren Baisden: 


Track and Field

Men's Tennis

Head Coach Lee 'Nails' Nickell: 

Assistant Coach Yevgeniy 'Jason' Shkodnik: 

Women's Tennis

Assistant Coach Smaranda Stan: 


Pitching Coach Steve Ziroli: 


Assistant Coach Kaleigh Rafter: 
Director of Managerial Staff Matt Meyer: 


Head Coach Sandy Calfo: 

Assistant Coach Kerry Ann Kanaley Brace: 


Some of these may not seem like obvious follows, and this is by no means an exhaustive list, but outside of the obvious these are some of the department's most active, informative and fun to follow accounts.

Athletic Director Danny White:

Associate AD (Communications and Broadcasting) Boone Enser:
Jon Fuller (Football, Swimming and Diving, Rowing): 
Brian Wolff (Volleyball, Men's Basketball, Softball):
Louie Spina (Men's Soccer, Women's Soccer, Wrestling, Baseball):
The SID spot for Men's and Women's Tennis, Men's and Women's Cross Country and Track and Field, and Women's Basketball is currently unfilled.

Kelly Cruttenden, Compliance:
Melanie Warren, Academic Advisor & UB Dazzlers Coach:
Jess Juliano, Assistant Director of Development:

Todd Garzarelli, Senior Associate AD for External Affairs: 
Elaine Russell, Assistant AD (Marketing):
Zach McTigue, Associate Director for Marketing:

UB Sports Nutrition:

Nathan Harvey, Strength and Conditioning:
Joe Ferrara, Strength and Conditioning:

Ticket Office: 

True Blue: