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Bulls Practice Notes / Tweet / and roundup - 8-11

Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

I never pass up an opportunity to crap on some of the guys over at the TBN. So I should be just as quick to point out what a phenomenal job Mark Gaughan is doing covering the teams practices this week.

Hell.... I'll even throw a link at TBN.

Here are his highlights -


Quarterbacks - Licata is looking good.

Unit Player(s)
1st Licata (SR)
2nd Daniel (SR)/ Merchant (RSFR)
3rd Michael (JR) / Jackson (FR)

He had nice connections with McGill and Weiser. The second team reps are pretty evenly split between the senior Daniel and RS Freshman Chris Merchant.

Junior Collin Michael split the rest of the snaps with freshman Tyree Jackson, a prize recruit from Michigan. Jackson has impressive size, at 6-5, 225. Jackson shows the arm to throw the deep out on a line. His best pass was a 15-yard strike to the far sideline to Mikel DeMonte.

I'm guessing that means when the season hits our 1-2-3 will be Licata - Daniel - Merchant

It should be noted that Merchant may be a better pro set passer than Daniel. And Daniel is thought of as being far more dangerous with his legs. How that plays out in the mind of Lance Leipold is anyone's guess.

So who are they throwing to?

Ron Willoughby is number one and it looks like Malcolm Robinson, a 6-1 junior from Ohio who was once our long snapper is number two. Freshmen Brandon Smiley and K.J. Osborn both look promising according to TBN


Kicker - Who is the New-New AJ Principe (or: Who Replaces Patrick Clarke?)

UB had a fleet of potential walkons trying to take up the role of place kicker but Adam Mitcheson is the only scholarship player. Expect him to get the job.

Elsewhere on special teams - Do we have the new Ernest Jackson?

It's been many a moon since the Bulls had a reliable and potent threat to return punts. The last guy I remember who was explosive was now-Ottawa REDBLACK receiver Ernest Jackson. The guys looking to fill that role this season are  slot receivers Collin Lisa and Jacob Martinez along with outside receivers Jamarl Eiland and freshman athlete Emmanuel Reed.


Good news on the injury front.

Jarrett Franklin looks to be a key player in the middle of UB's defense. He was out yesterday and the News made it sound like he might miss some early games with a back injury. Today he was out doing drills and moving around well.

Edge rusher Zach Smekal, who injured his knee Monday, was on crutches but was working with trainers on exercises, which was a positive sign.

Campbell is also nursing a back injury

What about the DBs?

Everyone agrees Ross was the defensive player of the day.

UB Football Camp Report: Day 2 - Buffalo
The defensive standout of the day was Boise Ross. The Bulls' cornerback was all over the field with a number of pass breakups and an acrobatic interception. Ross looks quite comfortable in his first camp as a full-time cornerback.


OL #1 - John Kling, Dillon Guy, James O’Hagan, Brandon Manosalvas, Bob Blodgett

OL #2 - Matt Murphy, Andy Fidler, Skyler Hartley, Todd Therrien, Albert McCoy.

Welcome to the 4-3

DL #1 - Solomon Jackson, Max Perisse, Brandon Crawford, Demone Harris.

DL #2 - Myles Nicholas, Chris Ford, Gusty Schwartzmeier or Corey Henderson, Randy Anyanwu.

DL #3 - Charles Harris, Christian Gonzalez, Justin Brandon, Torey Hendrick.

With Mallory sitting out and Franklin banged up this will change a lot.

LB #1 - Okezie Alozie, Nick Gilbo, Kyril Threats.

LB #2 - Ishmael Hargrove, Travis Pitzonka, Brandon Berry.

LB #3 - Jake Ames, Greg Lis, C.J. Stancil.

DB #1 - Ross, Marqus Baker, Ryan Williamson, Andrews Dadeboe.

DB #2 - Brandon Williams and Terrance Wilson at corners, Houston Glass and William Rembert at safety.

DB #3 - Cameron Skipworth and Jeremiah Dadeboe at corners, Jordan Collier and Diamond Williams at safeties.