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Buffalo Bulls hire Nate Oats after the departure of Bobby Hurley

A two day history of Bull Run calling for Oats!

I'd like to think that Bull Run's beating of the Oats Drum is a part of the reason that Danny White hired Bobby Hurley's former assistant to take over the team but in reality it was the obvious move. White no longer needs to make a splash "supernova" hire to guide UB hoops. His hire of Hurley did the trick and now it's time for stability.

For the past two days the anti-UB twitter contingent has been crying that Danny White has not come out to give "his side of what happened"*. While they have been hating on White the UB Athletic Director was moving quickly to keep his "Interim Coach" in Buffalo.

So it seems maybe Danny White was too busy doing his job to take time out to do Bucky Gleason's. It was a great decisive move and should do a lot to assure the team and recruits that their lives will not be upended by a regime change.

When the prospect of Hurley leaving camp became real last month the Bull Run editors started throwing names at each other. The name of Nate Oats quickly rose above the others.

As UB fans we have all been burned by passing over a good assistant before. Who knows where UB football would be if Danny Barrett had been named the successor for Turner Gill. Because of that everyone's mind went right to Oats.

The players love him, he spent two years coaching in the Hurley System, and he had a huge hand in recruiting. In fact one of UB's recruits this year said last night that if Oats was the coach he would stay with Buffalo.

So let's run through the timeline of UB and our "Votes for Oats".

Bobby Hurley leaves for Arizona:

Buffalo coach Bobby Hurley to Arizona State - Bull Run
One would assume that current UB assistant Nate Oats is on the short list.

Tim calls for Oats

With Bobby Hurley gone to Arizona State, is Nate Oats the right coach for Buffalo? - Bull Run
While he may have a lower national profile Oats does have a relationship with the returning Bulls and the incoming freshman. A quick and decisive move by White could both hold this year's class and allow the players already here to continue in a business as usual fashion.

Matt states the obvious on Oats

Buffalo Bulls Basketball Coaching Search: Early candidates to replace Bobby Hurley - Bull Run
Either of Oats or Watkins would likely keep the team together. I think Oats in particular would minimize defections.

Conrad Calls for Oats

Continuity is key to mid-major success - Bull Run
If UB is going to take the next step, they need to establish continuity. Nate Oats, Bobby Hurley's Understudy and current interim coach, is the best option going forward.

Tim takes to Twitter

.Stories come out about UB recruits and their desire to stay with Buffalo if Oats is the coach:

Nate Navigato "back on the rollercoaster" with Buffalo - Bull Run
On Thursday night Oats, quickly named Buffalo's interim head coach, called Navigato at home "and was very positive," his father said.

* - What happened is that a guy making $550,000 at a Mid Major got an over for 1.2 million plus 100K raises every year. With bonuses and other compensation that number will be far higher.