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It is one month until the Bulls biggest NFL draft day ever

As the NFL draft has turned into a spectacle much watch event, the NFL has added multiple days to the live draft. The first round is Thursday, May 8th, Second round Friday May 9th, and all day Saturday for teams to add depth.


The NFL teams are are finalizing their draft boards and many top prospects are visiting teams.  This week Khalil Mack will visit both the Jaguars and the Rams.   The Rams will be picking second overall acquiring the pick from the Washington Redskins (of course) and the Jacksonville Jaguars who are in the fourth spot.  Cleveland Coach Mike Pettine made one pro day visit, Orchard Park.  He could have also been picking up personal items he forgot as well at the Ralph and decided to kill two birds with one stone but Pettine has been gushing about Mack. Cleveland is picking 4th overall. The team that I believe covets Mack the most is the Atlanta Falcons who are hoping a run at QB takes place early and often and Mack falls to spot # 6.  Every year you see one top pick player drop and this year my prediction will be Bridgewater.  That means Mack will not be available for the Falcons at #6.

Don't forget to enter into the Mack draft contest:  Click here to enter your picks!

And then this...  Lake Minnetonka, MN.  This has to be true, it is on twitter!