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Where does Mack go? The Bruwpeg Mack Draft game! Need your pick! Prizes!

The past week has been fun for Bulls fans with all the attention Mack and UB receiving. Expect the love fest to continue well past the draft. Reply to this article on where Mack lands.

Kudos to Khalil Mack for the attention he currently is receiving.  Here are some twitter links on Mr. Mack.  I have whipped up a Bruwpeg for the Mack draft.   Here is what  you need to reply to this article

1.  Where does Mack go?  Draft Order

2.  How does the commish announce UB?

3.  Tiebreaker #1.  How long is the cheesy dap hug from the Commish with Mack?

4.  Tiebreaker #2.  Does Khalil shed a tear?

Participant Spot Team UB Pronounced Hug Length Tear? Extra Credit
BrandedBull 4 Cleveland Univ. at Buffalo 4.3 Yes Bo 6th
Bull In Exile 6 Atlanta State Unin. of NY 4.2 Yes Oliver 5 Johnson 7
Leenztwin 4 Cleveland Univ. of Buffalo 3.7 No
drewgacz 3 Jacksonville Univ. of Buffalo 2.5 No
John McWhinnie 5 Oakland Buffalo 2.3 No
meigs1414 7 Tampa Bay Univ. at Buffalo 3.3 No
robkurzd 7 Tampa Bay Univ. at Buffalo 2.3 No
BC Bull 6 Atlanta Buffalo 2.7 No Oliver 7th
Bull Trojan 6 Atlanta Buffalo 6* YES Mack lifts Roger off feet
Chubby Hubby 1 Houston Univ. of Buffalo 4 Yes Bo in 6th
Markchicago 6 Atlanta Univ. of Buffalo 10 No Oliver then Nuetz 7th
Calvin 7 Atlanta Univ. of Buffalo 5* NO *Wisper in Rogers ear?
everlast2504 1 Via Trade Atl Buffalo 5* Yes Bo 5th *Spins Roger
RiverMcW 7 Tampa Bay Univ. at Buffalo 3.3 No Bo early in 7th
Jsnyder613 7 Tampa Bay Univ. of Buffalo 2.9 No Bo in 6th
Albany_Bull 3 Jacksonville Buffalo 3.6 No Bo in 7th
Kevin Massare 4 Jacksonville Univ. at Buffalo 2.5 Bo 6th Atlanta

ADDED CAVEAT:  Extras credit can and maybe will be added if you correctly guess round and team any other UB athlete is drafted!

Winner will receive a $25 gift certificate to Mitchell's Tavern. Mitchells Tavern Website Go see a game worn UB gear on the walls of Mitchell's! Draft starts Thursday May 8 for ESPN and NFL to milk even more time.  You are on the clock. (PS I would not wait until Friday to get pick in!)

In case you did not know, Khalil is Arabic which means friend.  Be a friend to UB and use your signing bonus to build a field house.   If Cleveland was smart, do not waste a first run pick on Carlos Hyde but draft Mack and pick up Bo in the third round.

Am I the only one who finds the hugging to be over the top cheesy and lame? Commish taking some shine away from the draftees!


If you are scoring at home.....

Cleveland Atlanta Jacksonville
2 6 3
Oakland Tampa Bay Houston
1 4 1
@ of Buffalo
5 7 5
Yes No Average Hug
5 10 3.69