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Oakland Raiders 2014 Draft - Khalil Mack

Timothy T. Ludwig-USA TODAY Spor

For the second time in seven years the Oakland Raiders have drafted a UB Bull. Back in 2008 it was Trevor Scott, the UB defensive end that Al Davis took a late chance on. This year the Raiders went to Buffalo early in the first, taking Khalil Mack.

The Raiders, fresh off of their Terell Pryor experience have a powerful need at Quarterback. Still the Silver and Black seemed to see enough depth at Quarterback this year to pass on a signal caller and pick up a defensive asset.

Mack's Status as a high first rounder was cemented when he outshone the entire Ohio State roster in week one of the past season. Up to that point he was considered a low second round pick or at best a late first round selection.

From that point on in the season if became a matter of how high the Fort Pierce Native would rise. Coming out of High School Mack's only offer was from Liberty of the Championship Subdivision. Then by a quirk of fate the man recruiting him at Liberty was hired at Buffalo. He sold Turner Gill on the linebacker and the rest is history.

S&B Pride

Mack marched through the 2013 season setting two NCAA records and leading the Bulls to only their second Bowl game in team history. By the time the Idaho Potato Bowl was over Mack had cemented himself as a top five pick, then it was time for the NFL combine and Buffalo pro day.

Mack put up some of the best numbers for a linebacker at the combine, then doubled down and did even better in front of scouts from every NFL team at Buffalo's pro day. From that moment on Mack became a solid prospect for a top three pick.

Oakland's past experience with Trevor Scott has shown the fan base and leadership that UB produces NFL caliber pass rushers. Scott was a solid contributor to the defense in Oakland before he injured his knee several years ago.

When asked about his journey from unknown prep player to a top tier NFL Pick Mack, ever humble, simple pointed out the blessings he has had.

I'm blessed. God has showed me favor and I don't really think you can imagine everything you've dreamed of actually taking place. It has been but the favor of God and hard work that has truly worked for my good.

Mack's legendary work ethic, focus and drive had a lot to do with where he is today and they are something that will serve him well this summer with the Raiders.