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Oakland Raiders 2014 Depth Chart and Khalil Mack!


Not too long ago the good folks at Silver and Black Pride, the SBNation home for Oakland Raider fans, were looking at their projected 2014 depth chart. They noted that the Raiders had "practically nobody behind the starting three linebackers."

You read that right, starting three linebackers. Mack is going to a team that is at best described as a hybrid and at worse is a 4-3.

I was hoping that Mack would end up on a 3-4 team like Houston but instead he is either going to end up a Sam linebacker or perhaps take Trevor Scott's old job as Oakland's Elephant Back.

If the raiders are looking to use Mack as a Sam linebacker he will have to take on Sio Moore for the starting job or beat out Kaelin Burnett and Frank Beltre to take the second job. If they are going to try and make him the flex linebacker defensive end Lamarr Woodley or Antonia Smith depending on what side the want Mack on.