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Meet number 52 of the Oakland Raiders

The NFL mandates linebackers to wear numbers in the 50's or 90's. Mack took 52.


Mr. Mack has signed his rookie contract.  Khalil's four year deal is fully guaranteed and worth $18,677,002.  The deal includes a $12 Mil signing bonus and $4.5 Mil in total future roster bonuses. A fifth year option is also part of the deal. The Raiders are the second team to sign their first round draft choice. Bears have previously inked 14th overall Kyle Fuller on Wednesday at $9.867 Mil guaranteed.   I am going to go out on a limb as say that Khalil may have landed the best paying job of the UB class of 2014.  His last big step was picking a number. Khalil Mack pays homage to one of the best linebackers in modern NFL.  Khalil took the number 52 worn by Ray Lewis.  Ray also spoke glowingly of Khalil during draft coverage.

Video of Mack Inking his deal!