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The Postseason Meal 8.1: The 5 Do's and 5 Don'ts of the Offseason

The Postseason Meal will have to sustain us all until the Bulls return to Columbus, Ohio in 2013. The goal of the postseason meal is to Hydrate, Nutritionate and Reflect on the season that was.

I started writing the 10 do's and 500 don'ts of the offseason, but this is dragging on far enough. Also positivity, fair-balanced and whatnot. Without further ado, the 5 do's and 5 dont's of the offseason.

1) DO name a starter at QB and stick with it, like right now. Competition is no longer healthy for our program, we can't afford to share reps during spring, we need to pick a guy, give him all the 1st team reps, and prepare him to win 6-8 games in 2013.

2) If you follow the 1st "DO" and said QB is not Alex Zordich, DONT sit him on the bench, find a place for him, I'm thinking fullback. If that doesn't work, make sure there is a wildcat style formation with Zordich that presses the defense with his throwing and running ability.

3) DO Flesh out the Alex(squared)cat. You put Zordich, Dennison and BO in the backfield out of the shotgun on 3rd and 2, and watch the opposing D-Cordinators wet themselves trying to stop the limitless possibilities of that formation.

4) DONT let Lou Tepper repeat whatever it was he was doing in 2012, I don't technically think I can call it defense.

5) DO Recruit another Kicker, someone who can push Tyler Grassman would be nice, but more importantly we need someone who can blast the kickoff out of the endzone consistently.

6) DONT give BO 300 carries again. We are deep at RB, we do not need to run BO into the ground. Figure out how to divide carries between BO, & Potts. Remember the WMU game BO ran 12 straight times for 74 yards and a TD, which was amazing for one quarter. Then Campbell came in, and broke of 57 yards in his first 4 carries, including a 45 yard TD run. We should be using a change of pace back, to prevent injury, like the one that kept BO out of the final 3 quarters of the WMU game, and to use the talent we have at the position.

7) DO Redshirt Devin Campbell (the extension makes this possible.) If Potts is back to 100% in 2013, then we dont necessarily need 3 running backs. Save Campbell for 2014 where he and Potts can fight for the #1 job.

8) DONT put away the Jugs Machine. Get every WR not named Neutz in front of the jugs machine, everyday until August 31.

9) DO bust out the balls on strings and teach the defense to force fumbles. We forced 6 fumbles all year, and recovered only 3.

10) DONT tell me this was all part of a process, if your process was to go 9-27 in 3 years the way we went 9-27...losing to Akron in 2010, the NIU game in 2011, the Ohio game in 2012 then we are in BIG TROUBLE. We have had no process when it comes to developing a QB or stabilizing our defense and we all fear falling off a talent cliff after 2013. The more the athletic department tells me it's all progress and part of plan, the more I feel no one knows what they're talking about. Admit your mistakes, but point to what you have learned and how you will use those lessons to improve 2013. When UB wins some meaningful games, THEN we can talk about progress and the process.

Up next, game by game recap of the top 4 games of the year.