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The Postseason Meal Part 8 Preview: Hair Like Zordich

In the final Postseason Meal of the year, I will detail the 5 DOs and 5 DONT for this offseason. #1 is:

DO name a starter at QB and stick with it, like right now. Competition is no longer healthy for our program, we can't afford to share reps during spring, we need to pick a guy, give him all the 1st team reps, and prepare him to win 6-8 games in 2013.

This I think is best for the team, but also a very selfish request. I need to know the starters so I can make song parodies and music videos for these starters.

In 2012, I made a song parody for Alex Zordich, but between travel to the Georgia game and other hurdles, it wasn't finished in time. No problem, after the impressive Morgan State game, I figured I would just post it the next time Zordich won a game, which never happened.

So I'm posting it now, but my point is, name a starter so I can start filming "You're Our Only Hope Joe Bi Wan Kenobi" or "Tony Daniel Style" or even "Who's The Boss" staring Tony Daniel. There are a lot of possibilities, which is why I need to know that starter ASAP.