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The Postseason Meal: 2012 Pt. 4: Here's To You, Morgan State


The Postseason Meal will have to sustain us all until the Bulls return to Columbus, Ohio in 2013. The goal of the postseason meal is to Hydrate, Nutritionate and Reflect on the season that was.

Excellence in a single season, or in a single game, is something that appreciates in value over time. A majority of the 26 performances outlined are a result of playing Morgan State, a FCS team, UMass a team fresh from FCS to FBS conversion and Miami of Ohio, a team with Big 12-like dedication to defense. In ten-years, these performances will seem more significant but today after a 4 win season, it is difficult to celebrate these achievements.

2012 Memorable performances from A to Z (please don't sue me Spencer Hall).

A is for Atypical - Alex Zordich is tied for 3rd in UB history for most passing TDs in a single game. He threw 4 TD passes against Morgan State. In his seven other starts, Zordich only managed 5 TD throws.

B is for Bread and Butter - Zordich was more consistent running the ball, gaining 5.01 yards per carry good enough for 7th in average yards per rush, single season.

C is for Commercial - I promised Bad Things Man, Khalil Mack delivered with 20 tackles for loss, 3rd best single season in that category.

D is for Denied - Branden Oliver finished tied for 5th in single season 100-yard games with 4. He would have had more but he was denied by his injuries.

E is for Emerged - While Oliver nursed his injuries, true freshman Devin "The Fresh Prince" Campbell burst on the scene and broke 100-yards 3 times, tied for 11th place in the UB record books.

F is for Flash In The Pan - Oliver had his best performance of the year early, 238 yards against Morgan State. Oliver broke his own personal best, and his effort was the 2nd best in UB history. After two weeks, Oliver had 349 rushing yards and was one of the nation's top backs. It would prove to be a flash in the pan however, he would get injured in the following game against Kent State, and only run for 472 yards for the rest of the season.

G is for Ground and Pound - As a team, and without our #1 back for most of the year, UB still ended tied for 4th all time in team rushing first downs with 106. This is a testament to Jeff Quinn's offensive line.

H is for Horse to Horse - As in even, UB passed for 107 first downs tied for 9th all time and almost exactly even with our rushing first down total.

I is for Islander - The Grand Islander Alex Neutz had a great season, finishing 6th all time in single season receptions with 65. He did it on an Island, without the support of the #1 running back, without stability at QB, without a solid #2 receiver to balance the defensive secondary AND he missed a game to injury.

J is for Junior - Khalil Mack forced four fumbles, tied for 3rd best in a season. He's re-writing the record books, and he's only a junior.

K is for Kicker - Patrick Clarke is a good one, 11 field goals made put Clarke in a tie for 6th most made in a season.

L is for Lazarus - After battling injuries, Oliver returned from the dead in "week 2" form. He ran for 199 yards in Buffalo's 2nd win of the year against Miami, the 9th highest single game output in UB history.

M is for Mirage - Buffalo scored 8 TDs against Morgan State, tied for most ever in school history. Buffalo finished the season with only 32 TDs, tied for 100th in the nation.

N is for Not That Kick - Patrick Clarke tied his own career best with a 49-yard kick against Miami of Ohio...but not that kick. The kick we all think about, the game winner, was from 47 yards. The 49 yard kick came in the 1st quarter, and is tied for 10th longest kick in UB history.

O is for Obvious - Obviously we are a run first team, gaining 2,120 yards on the ground with no less than 6 runners.

P is for Prepossess - To dominate mentally beforehand. Alex Neutz against Morgan State was unfair on paper, and unfair on the field. Neutz tied a UB record with 4 TD receptions in the game.

Q is for Quiescent - Being at rest; quiet; still; inactive or motionless. Oliver finished the season 2nd in UB history with 5.55 yards per carry this season. Still it is less an impressive feat and more a sad reminder of what could have been had BO been healthy all year.

R is for Racks on Racks on Racks - Slang for stacking money on top of money on top of money. Patrick Clarke is money, and tied for 5th most points scored by a kicker. UB has been blessed, after years of inconsistent kicking to get relatively consistent kickers like Principe and Clarke. The Columbus kicker pipeline is alive and well.

S is for Solitary - Only two receivers had more than 2 TD receptions. Jimmy Gordon had 2. Neutz had 11. 11 TD receptions is good enough for 2nd place in school history.

T is for Two Quarterbacks - Somehow, UB still managed to finish 8th all time in passing yards despite sometimes awful play, and breaking in two inexperienced QBs. UB threw for 2391 yards in 2012.

U is for Unbelievable - Tyler "20 yards and a cloud of dust" Grassman had the 6th best season in total punt yards. Part of this is because he punted so much, but still, 2,828 yards of punt, not bad for the freshman, who got no love this year.

V is for Venerable - Old, respected. UB passed for 17 touchdowns, tied for 7th all time. A respectable number for old timey non-forward passing teams. Vince Lombardi, tips his hat to Jeff Quinn.

W is for Worked - Tyler Grassman was worked. The true freshman punted 80 times in 2012, our offense was bad. Grassman tied for 2nd most punts in a season.

X is for X-Factor - It was supposed to be Branden Oliver, it ended up being Alex Neutz. Neutz averaged 15.63 yards per reception, setting a new UB record for a single season.

Y is for Yanked - Patrick Clarke yanked that first XP, then went on to hit 28 in a row. He is tied for 5th for extra points made in a season.

Z is for Zordich - Neutz finished 4th all time in receiving yards, in part because, in part in spite of Zordich only targeting Neutz. With the low quality of our offense, our QBs and our passing game Neutz's performance in 2012 might be an all-time great performance.