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Buffalo Bulls National Signing Day - Chris Merchant

With Permission

Player - Chris Merchant

Position - Quarterback

Rankings -247 (, 85), Scout (), ESPN (, 68)

City State - Aurora, Ontario

High School - St. Andrew's College

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Merchant is among a growing number of Canadians who are opting to play their college ball at UB. He feels that many of his countrymen are "are overlooked solely because of their nationality." He went on to tell Bull Run that he believes that UB has done "a great job of making players aware of their program" and that these players are more than capable of competing in the NCAA.

Coach Shorter owns the recruiting of Canadian players so he had a big part in securing Merchant but Chris also mentioned that Coach Quinn, Coach Patterson, Coach Wood, Coach Pilkey all "played key roles in the process" and were a major reason on why he chose UB. All of these coaches made the stand out feel welcome at UB.

NCAA Recruiting 2014 - Buffalo Bulls - QB Chris Merchant - Verbal - Bull Run
In order to keep the UB-Canada Trade Balance in place our Neighbors to the north owed UB a Quarterback. See we sent them Drew Willy who is seeing his stock rise in the CFL. Now the Canadians are sending Chris Merchant from St. Andrews College in Aurora, Ontario.

Merchant took place in the The Quarterback University Invitational several months ago wher ehe was considered one of the top performers by QBU coach Donovan Dooley.