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NCAA Recruiting 2014 - Buffalo Bulls - QB Chris Merchant - Verbal

Quinn keeping his "Eh Team" alive.

Kevin Hoffman-US PRESSWIRE

In order to keep the UB-Canada Trade Balance in place our Neighbors to the north owed UB a Quarterback. See we sent them Drew Willy who is seeing his stock rise in the CFL. Now the Canadians are sending Chris Merchant from St. Andrews College in Aurora, Ontario.

Merchant took place in the The Quarterback University Invitational several months ago wher ehe was considered one of the top performers by QBU coach Donovan Dooley.

Dooley said of Merchant, "He was very polished, He had nice velocity on his throws. He was very accurate".

Merchant was also the signal caller for Canada's national under 18 team and at the NFA7v7 Regional Tournament.

Before playing in Ontario Merchant played out west in Alberta. Among the honors Merchant has received during his time in the was was High School Male Athlete of the Year two consecutive times, Redmen junior team MVP in 2011 and Falcons team MVP in 2012.

NFA7v7 Regional Tournament