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Pregame Meal: Football's Back And So Is Buffalo

With NYBI in the past, it's time to start a new era of Buffalo Bulls Football

It's finally here! Football season is upon us and with that comes a new year full of expectations for the Buffalo Bulls. With NYBI now in the past and the Buffalo logo showing strong and proud, this 2016 Bulls football team has a chance to improve upon last year's season. While the 2015 campaign may have ended in disappointment, 2016 can be filled with hope and change! With a new quarterback under center, the Bulls could benefit from a breath of fresh air and surprise some people with a respectable season. Up first is a game against Albany that shouldn't be much of a contest. That being said, a meal before the game is still an essential part to football season.

The Meal: Buffalo Chicken Wings

Could a food dish be more perfectly designed for this week? For the first time since NYBI was put in to place, the Bulls proudly display Buffalo on their field and jerseys. So why not chow down on the staple food of the area to celebrate your Buffalo pride. It's also another exciting and easy way to show Albany that we have nicer things than them; whether it is food, football, or even pride in your hometown. So no matter if you like your wings hot, medium, or mild, chow down on a wing and enjoy as Buffalo presumably beats down on Albany. Also, don't mind those extra calories, with a week two bye, a little extra conditioning can be worked in to make sure that a slim figure is maintained.

Also, to add to your University at Buffalo pride, why not sing along to the Bulls fight song as you eat your Buffalo themed meal!

The Drink: Milk

Milk, my personal drink of choice, but also one that can serve a valuable purpose in this week one meeting against Albany. First off milk is the best drink to help cool off your mouth after eating the aforementioned buffalo chicken wings. Secondly milk can help strengthen bones with all the calcium it provides and I sure do hope our team has drunk their fair share of milk. Since Albany is an FCS team if all injuries could be avoided before the tougher games start that would be awesome. So I hope the team has had enough glasses of milk this off season because, while no injury is a good injury, any in this game will sting just a little bit more.

Battle of the SUNY schools

While in recent years there isn't anything to really make of this rivalry, it can also be brought down to the fact that these are two SUNY schools. While Buffalo is superior in almost all athletics it's always fun to create a "Battle for New York" story line. When MAC play comes around it seems that we're always facing a school from Ohio so it's always fun to duke it out with some fellow New Yorkers. Overall it's hard to call this a rivalry like it was in the past. That's not to say it won't be a fun game, but as for SUNY schools, Buffalo will always reign supreme.


City Battle

Obviously we here at Bull Run know that Buffalo is the better New York  than Albany. But here's a quick 5 reasons which prove this to every other reader:

1.) Buffalo is home to not one but two professional sports teams with the Sabres and Bills. What does Albany bring to the table? Albany's big sports team to watch are the Tri-City Valley Cats which are just a short season single-A team. In Buffalo, even though we don't have an MLB team, we at least have an AAA team to cheer for. Clearly when it comes to the sports world Buffalo trumps Albany.

2.) Buffalo is home to 259,959 hard-working people while Albany is home to just a meager 98,142 residents. Clearly the people know which city is better to live in.

3.) Rob Gronkowski is from Buffalo. Even though he plays for the Patriots, Gronkowski has been one of the best TE's in NFL history. He's the Madden 17 cover boy and is most likely a top 10 fantasy football pick this season. Who from Albany is in the NFL? That's right it's Patriots RB Dion Lewis. If having to choose between these players I think it's pretty obvious who is better. Give me Gronkowski 10/10 times against the much weaker Lewis.

4.) Buffalo is right next to one of the seven natural wonders of the world, Niagara Falls. What natural wonder does Albany bring to the table you may ask? The answer is none. Niagara Falls is known world wide and even was featured at the end of Sharknado 4! So come on Albany get some kind of natural wonder if you want to keep up with us.

5.) Last but not least, since this is the pregame meal you can't not mention food. That is one thing Buffalo dominates Albany in. Buffalo Wings, stinger subs, and beef on wick highlight the wonderful cuisine of the 716. Albany has not one specialty food dish that is even in the same ball park as Buffalo's food. They just can't keep up with all of the creativity and delicious meals that Buffalo has created.

Five Things To Watch In Week One

1.) How will Grant Rohach do in the starting position this first week. Ever since Rohach announced he was transferring to Buffalo the speculation was whether he or 6'7 R-freshman Tyree Jackson would get the start under center. While Coach Leipold has already announced that both quarterbacks will get playing time in this game, look to see how Rohach does early. Overall I see this as more of a trial game against a far inferior opponent, so don't be surprised if Rohach doesn't start every week this season.

2.) The impact of Boise Ross on the Albany pass game. Ross is arguably the best defensive if not the best player on this Bulls team. A possible draft pick in the upcoming draft, game one can set the standard for Ross' senior season.

3.) How well the offensive line holds up. This position group is a huge question mark for Buffalo this season. It'll be nice to see the chemistry and if they can protect whoever the starter is. Albany isn't the toughest team to open a season against so it'll be a good test run.

4.) How dominate the front seven can be. Both the defensive line and linebackers have the potential fro big seasons. It'll be fun to see what kind of pressure they can put in Albany's backfield.

5.) If the team breaks 50 points. Can the Bulls score more than they did last year against Albany when they put up 51 points? With a new quarterback and a hungry young team, anything is possible. Maybe this will become one of those extreme beat down games which is always fun when your team is winning.

My Prediction

As I put in my first ever BRuWPeG I think Buffalo comes out on top 38-10. I think the Bulls keep it rolling early and often and put on a show for all the new and returning students to the university. In no way will Buffalo lose this game so enjoy the ride and enjoy being back to Buffalo.