Remember When: Hannah Watson Dove Head First Over the Scorer's Table

UB Volleyball's defensive specialist Hannah Watson made one of the most spectacular defensive plays in recent memory on the night of October 27, 2017, when she saved a ball and her momentum caused her to dive head first over the scorer's table. Play continued, Watson could not extract herself and assistant coach Adam McLamb had to run over to the scorer's table and pull Watson up by her ankles, as the Bulls eventually won the point with five players on the court. The Bulls would go on to beat Kent State 3–0, an historic victory for the Bulls, who for the first time in program history had won their 7th MAC match.

The play would wind up on ESPN Sportscenter's Top 10 Plays, where the announcer said Watson was "going Jeter". I think this was the only time in UB History that a play in a UB non-revenue sport made Sportscenter's Top 10 plays (although Cicerone's goal from midfield ought to have made the list).

A better video, with better sound, appeared on the NCAA Top 10 plays of the week, scroll ahead to #4

I can remember watching this as it happened, and my reaction was that UB just won the point with just five players on the court. I'm not sure I had never seen that before. After the match, I did my part to help out the nice people at Sportscenter.

Coach Blair Brown Lipsitz and Watson discussed the play here:

I spoke to Watson's father Mike sometime later. He had attended the match in person, and the next morning, he started receiving phone calls from friends telling him his daughter was on Top 10 Plays.

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