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MAC Power Rankings - Total MACtion

Northern Illinois v Miami Ohio Photo by Justin Casterline/Getty Images

It’s been awhile since I did this, so some of the changes are dramatic.

Rank Team PR Δ Comment
1 Miami 2 1 Miami flubbed a game against Kent and didn't do well with a world beater of an OOC schedule but outside of that they are the most consistent team in the MAC right now
2 Toledo 6 4 Do I have them too high? maybe, but Toledo still has the best overall record in the conference and are a scant half game out of first in the West
3 Ohio 4 1 Different year, same tune, Ohio looks good then gives up a game or two late in the year that relegated them to second or third in the East.
4 WMU 7 3 WMU is exceeding what I thought they would do. They control their own destiny in the West
5 Buffalo 8 3 Buffalo is peaking at the right time. Back to back wins and cominate defense against CMU and WMU put them in a good spot to make a Bowl Run
6 CMU 10 4 Aside from the loss at Buffalo the Chips are doing what they need to do. They need a little help but a trip to Detroit is not out of the question
7 NIU 3 -4 It's a rebuilding year for NIU, but when your "rebuild" is still middle of the MAC you have things pretty good
8 BSU 1 -7 Two straight losses and they are down in the west. They can do a lot towards the post season against CMU this week
9 EMU 5 -4 EMU needs to win two games to get to 6, they have Akron and Kent on deck. So a Bowl is not out of the question but being 1-4 in the MAC at this point has some fans grumbling.
10 Kent 9 -1 Member' when Kent was 2-0 and led the MAC East? I do... The have lost three straight in conference and have UB, BSU, and EMU on deck.
11 BGSU 11 0 Bowling Green has UB, Ohio, and Miami left, the three teams ahead of them in the East.
12 Akron 12 0 Akron still has Ohio and Miami... It would be a very good thing for UB fans if AKron won those games but the zips have not scored a TD since mid October