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Bulls during NFL / CFL Jake Schum

Indianapolis Colts v Green Bay Packers Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images

Over the next week or two, before we start ramping up our 2017 football coverage, Bull Run is going to be taking a look at all the Bulls who are in an NFL or CFL camp. Some of these players are proven assets and others are long shot tryout players.

Previously we have talked about Mason Schreck, Roubbens Joseph, Jordan Johnson, Kristjan Sokoli, Branden Oliver, Steven Means, and John Kling. Today were talking Jake Scum.

Few players hove shown the persistence of Jake Schum.

Schum came to Buffalo as a transfer in 2010. In two years as UB’s punter he had 119 career punts for 38.7 average, while landing 24 inside the 20-yard line.

After going undrafted in 2013, Schum bounced around NFL camps. First with Cleveland, then Tampa, and then nearly winning the job with the New York Jets.

In 2014 he got a second tryout out with both the Bucs and the Jets once again. In 2015 the third time was the charm in Tampa and he won the job.

In his first professional season Schum punted 55 times for a 42.2 yard average. The Bucs brought in Bryan Anger in the off-season and anger slightly out kicked schum in the 2016 preseason leading to him being cut.

Very late in the Preseason Schum was picked up by Green Bay and won the job. He had a fairly average season but showed really well in the playoffs. That led to the Packers pick up his option heading into the season.

He will have to bear out Justin Vogal, a rookie out of Miami, if he wants to stay in the green and gold this season.