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Buffalo Bulls In The NFL Updates

Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

Steven Means - Philadelphia Eagles

Goal Going In - Show his prowess as an edge rusher

Means had a strip sack on one play and on another, he pressured the Bucs quarterback into an awful throw while Tampa Bay was pressing for a score.

There is a lot of preseason ball left but Means is probably ahead in the race for the fourth defensive end spot, just over Marcus Smith.

Jake Schum - Tampa Bay

Goal Going In - Show that Bryan Anger is not worth 1.75 million dollars.

I'm not sure Schum has to blow Anger away this preseason. He just has to show that he's as good as Anger and then let economics do the rest. Schum's cap hit is $525,000 while Angers is $1,750,000.

Last night Anger may have had a slightly better game on paper but in reality it was a very tight game.

  • Schum punts 39 yards to PHI 27, Center-A.DePaola, fair catch by K.Barner
  • Anger punts 43 yards to PHI 9, Center-A.DePaola, fair catch by K.Barner
  • Schum punts 44 yards to PHI 12, Center-A.DePaola. K.Barner to PHI 15 for 3 yards
  • Anger punts 48 yards to PHI 19, Center-A.DePaola. K.Barner ran ob at PHI 22 for 3 yards
  • Schum punts 33 yards to PHI 17, Center-A.DePaola, out of bounds
  • Schum punts 51 yards to PHI 20, Center-A.DePaola. K.Barner to PHI 33 for 13 yards
  • Schum punts 39 yards to PHI 20, Center-A.DePaola, fair catch by K.Barner

Officially Shum only put two punts inside the 20 but two more went right to the 20. The only tangible difference between the two was that one of Schum's was returned for 13 yards.

John Kling - Chicago Bears

Goal Going In - Show that he has more than size in an NFL preseason game

Unfortunately, Kling-Klong did not see the field, that's not a great sign going forward.

I've not seen the reason Kling was scratched but when you are an UDFA the best route to making the team is showing in preseason games.

Tonight's Games:

James Starks - Green Bay Packers vs Cleveland  Browns

Goal Going In - Show that the couple of games last season where he struggled with ball control were outliers and that he can still push Eddie Lacy for the starting job.

Joe Licata - Cincinnati Bengals vs Minnesota Vikings

Goal Going In - Get on the field and run the offense well enough to get some highlight film. Licata has a huge mountain to climb if he wants to dislodge Keith Wenning from the practice squad but he could catch on somewhere else.

Khalil Mack - Oakland Raiders at Arizona Cardinals

Goal Going In - Play a series or two and stay healthy.