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Buffalo Bulls in the NFL Preseason update: Joe Licata, Khalil Mack, James Starks and others

David Kohl-USA TODAY Sports

Joe Licata - Cincinnati Bengals

Goal Going In - Get on the field and run the offense well enough to get some highlight film. If possible show up Keith Wenning

Joe got to play in two series towards the end of the game and he played well enough to give the Bengals a fighting chance. In his first drive, Licata went 3 for 4 and threw for 82 yards. The Bengals scored a field goal on the drive to pull within a score.

Unfortunately, after a punt return brought the Bengals to within a point Licata's pass attempt on the two-point conversions fell incomplete. His final pass of the night, a desperate bomb, was picked off.

On the night he outplayed Wenning, who was 3-8 for only 28 yards and an interception.

Jame Starks - Green Bay Packers

Goal Going In - Show that the couple of games last season where he struggled with ball control were outliers.

Starks had a pretty unpleasant night, including early on when his line decided not to block for him and Cleveland brought down the Packers back for a safety.

The good news is that Starks held onto the ball well enough.

Khalil Mack - Oakland Raiders

Goal Going In - Play a series or two and stay healthy.

Mission accomplished. Other than being held quite a bit, which is the norm for Khalil, it was an uneventful night.


Kristjan Sokoli - Seattle Seahawks at Kansas City

Goal Going In - Seattle has a lot of options on the line so Sokoli has to show that two years of NFL camps and his athleticism makes him better than a lot of the young project players.

Josh Thomas - Dallas Cowboys at LA Rams

Goal Going In - Get some first team reps and make a play or two.

Branden Oliver / Matt Weiser - San Diego Chargers at Tennessee

Goals Going in - Oliver needs to show the form he had before last year's toe injury. Supposedly there are some formations in the Chargers playbook designed to include him more in the offense this year.

Matt Weiser needs to show effective blocking when he is in. The tight end is a great pass catcher and only got overlooked in the NFL draft he was perceived as one dimensional.