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Big 4 Classic unveils throwback styled uniforms

Nate Oats is pointing at you to go vote for the 1980's era uniform.
Nate Oats is pointing at you to go vote for the 1980's era uniform.
UB Athletics

With the Big 4 Classic returning this upcoming basketball season, fans will be able to see a different look on all four teams participating in the event this year. Buffalo will be squaring off with Canisius in this year's edition of the Classic and has three uniform options to choose from. But, there's a catch. Neither the school, nor the team will be choosing these throwback uniforms but instead, it will be the fans.

That's right, you get the power to decide which one of these will be worn when the Bulls take on Reggie Witherspoon's Golden Griffins in First Niagara Center by voting through a poll setup by UB's athletic department. The winning designs will be announced on the Big 4 media day in mid-September.

The Big 4 Classic returns this year as the four WNY teams of Buffalo, Canisius, Niagara, and St. Bonaventure will play a double header on December 17th. Unlike last time, it won't be held during Thanksgiving Break but eight days before Christmas. Hopefully students will be able to get out and watch this one.

This return is probably due to the fact that FNC is required to hold basketball games before it is allowed to hold NCAA Tournament games later in this upcoming season. Tickets are on sale at $25 for the event and $35 for floor seats.