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Buffalo Recruiting

Interview with Justin Winters on Patterson Brothers

Bull Run interviews Justin Winters on two commits from the burgeoning Pallotti pipeline in twins James and Jaret Patterson.

Justin and the boys working out in 8th Grade
Justin and the boys working out in 8th Grade
Justin WInter

We sat down with All Time Great Bull linebacker Justin Winters. If you're new to UB fandom, find an article written on Justin here: Catching up with Justin Winters. Back in the present day, Justin has worked with this week's recruits, twin brothers from Maryland. See write up and videos of the Patterson Brothers Commitment to Buffalo.

James and Jaret.  What are the personalities of each?

First off, both are amazing leaders. James leads vocally but Jaret just leads by example. Jaret is the most competitive kid I've ever been around and also one of the humblest. James is more relaxed and has a very big heart. He is the enforcer on the team and that sometimes conflicts with his love for his teammates. They push each other every single day!

Was this a package decision?  Both wanted to go to same school?

They knew from day one where and how they wanted to go and yes to being at the same school. James has 18 total offers and Jaret has 11 but in reality it was only 10 schools that they would consider. They both had offers from the ten schools they were considering. They have been to Buffalo numerous times with me and with their family.  It just felt right. The family loves Buffalo and they did as well.

Why did they choose UB?

Much has to do with above answer and they have a great relationship with Matt Simon, UB's RB coach and Maryland Recruiter.

James a better linebacker than you?  Who do the two remind you of as far as UB players?  Jaret looks physically like Bo but has unbelievable cutting ability.

James is most definitely a better linebacker than me.  I considered myself as more of a Hybrid. He is a tackling machine that is going to thump you when he gets there.  He already weighs 227 and has hips and hands like a corner. He is going to make a big splash at UB. Here is a picture in 9th grade at 200 pounds and yes sporting a Bulls shirt. 

A Bull Very Early

Jaret and Bo (former UB and current San Diego Chargers running back Branden Oliver) have a great relationship. Bo took him under his wing when Jaret was just a Freshman/Sophomore. They talk frequently. Jaret has Bo on his screensaver and it's been there for a very long time. He emulates his game after Bo. And he can do some of the things Bo does. He is VERY SPECIAL with the ball in his hands!!! Words just can't even describe it.

What has it been like to work with the both of them?

They make my job so much easier.  They are coaches on the field and I know that they will give 150% every play. Those twins are very special. I'm getting emotional right now just thinking about them not being with me.

Anything else you would like to share?

Buffalo just got a steal!!! No ifs, ands, or buts about it.  I used to pick them up from Middle School and take them to work out in 8th grade. So this is a very big deal for me.

I was so lucky to personally meet and get to know Justin when he was in Buffalo. Certain people come into your life that you are blessed to meet. I never saw a day that Justin did not have a smile on his face and was so happy to be in Buffalo. Justin is being very humble and I know that much of the twins decision is Justin's passion and love for Buffalo. Hey Justin, keep the talent coming.