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UB Week 1 Vine Recap

Licata to McGill

Senior to Senior, Buffalo to Rochester, 16 to 7. The way he ran that slant and protected Licata by snatching the ball with his hands, we might see this connection much more this year.

Ron Willoughby

Willoughby was solid and was one missed step away from a 45-yard TD.

Anthone Taylor

Taylor was solid, and was not overworked, only getting 17 carries, he would have had 45 under Quinn.

Nick Gilbo

Was that Khalil Mack? We haven't seen a LB drop back and make an INT since the great 46, it's great to see we'll have ball hawking LBs again.

Boise Ross

Boise continues to get better every game at CB. He dropped one INT, but caught this one. With 2 INTs, UB matches their 11 game INT total from 2014.

Collin Lisa

I can see what everyone likes about him, he runs good routes has good speed and great hands.

Diamond Williams & C.J. Stancil

Williams knocked the ball loose, Stancil knocked the ball out, UB recovered to finish +3 in turnovers for the first time in 1.5 seasons.

Jacob Martinez

Special teams was solid in the kicking game, minus a blocked XP, and in the return game. UB may have a punt return threat for the first time in years. If Campbell comes back healthy, UB would probably have the best return duo in the MAC.