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Oakland Raiders Notes - Khalil Mack

He's big, he's fast, and he's now camping with Oakland!

Thearon W. Henderson

The waiting is finally over for Khalil Mack!

Khalil Mack always looks comfortable in front of the camera but by all accounts the Oakland Raiders rookie could not wait to get the publicity of the NFL draft behind him. Now a week past the draft Mack is taking part in the Raiders nfl rookie camp.

Mack is looking like we all expect him to look, he's big and fast, ESPN calls him "huge". Mack has already signed his deal, wanting to get everything out of the way before camp opened up.

"I’m focused on football and being the best player I can be, That process is done, and I’m ready to go play football" -- Khalil Mack

Mack, as a first round pick, is not really playing for his job just yet but he is making sure that the coaching Staff sees him as a player that they can stick anywhere.

Khalil would like to wear the "shredder-style" facemask which he wore in Buffalo. It's the same that defensive end Justin Tuck. Mack Credits the mask with helping to reduce neck injuries which might result from an opponent getting their hands intertwined with a linebacker.

"There was a reason I wore it in college, to keep hands out of your face and keep you from getting neck injuries from getting pulled around."

The NFL banned the masks last season but they do allow exceptions if a medical reason can be demonstrated.

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