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UB Baseball's 90's Movie Marathon

Last year before the Boys in Blue headed down to Avon Ohio for the MAC Championship tournament Bull Run was nice enough send them off with an 80's mix tape. This season were moving to the 90's and moving from Music to Movies. So queue up Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, or Vudu and check out our "Must Watch" List...

Nick Sinay - Forrest Gump

Sinay has been a base stealing machine. He's went running 31 times this season and 28 of those attempts ended with the Buffalo Sophomore 90 feet further than where be started. He's not going to catch Bob Amico's single season record of 37 stolen bases in 1976 but with two seasons of UB Ball left Sinay is just two stolen bases short of UB's top ten list for career theft.

So for Sinay all we can say is "Run, Nick, Run!"

Mike Burke - Eyes Wide Shut

Once again Mike Burke is among the MAC's top five in total strikeouts, last year he set batters into darkness, this season it looks like the guy in the batting box has his eyes wide shut!

Tyler Mautner - Seven

Mautner is among the MAC's top five in seven different categories. His ranking in Average, Slugging, On Base Percent, doubles, RBIs, Walks, and Sacrifice flies is just sinful!

Matt Pollock - The Professional

The best line of this movie is "No women, no kids". With Matt Pollock you can add "No Errors"... The UB Senior's perfect fielding percentage is one of the reasons the Bulls are once again a top 8 team in the MAC.