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Buffalo Bulls Weekend Roundup and Week Ahead

Excitement in Amherst extended beyond Radio City Music Hall and the UDFA ranks as Softball completed their historic season and another school record fell on the track.

UB Athletics

Lots of stuff to talk about in UB-land this weekend, even if you set the historic NFL Draft aside.

First things first, Trena Peel's first season at the helm of UB Softball has come to an end, and while the Bulls continued to break new frontiers for the program, they ultimately fell two wins short of the MAC Championship and the NCAA Tournament when, needing to beat Ohio twice to take the title, they lost 4-0 in their first shot..

That would be the simple, easy way to fill you in, but unfortunately it's Buffalo and Ohio in a MAC championship, so you know there's more to the story than that. And even more heartbreakingly, it goes back to even earlier than the championship round..

After waltzing through their first two opponents, UB faced Ohio in the winners' bracket championship of the double-elimination tournament. (Anyone who's played Little League Baseball knows these brackets.) Basically, the winner of this game got a berth in the MAC Championship with no losses, and got to wait for all the teams who already had one loss to sort themselves out before getting two chances to knock the last team standing off. Obviously, that would be a huge advantage..

For all of UB's success in their first two games, Ohio had also done more than just squeak through. Led by ace Savannah Jo Dorsey,


UPDATE, 2 December 2014.  I just deleted 90% of this article and don't know how I did it. Trying to get it back.