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2014 NFL Draft overview

Used with Permission - Bogart Designs
Used with Permission - Bogart Designs
Dave Bogart

There are now six more Buffalo Bulls suiting up with an NFL team than there were this time last week. Khalil Mack going 5th in the draft was the big news from a Buffalo perspective but the hours following the draft saw five of Mack's teammates either sign with an NFL team as an undrafted free agent or get an invitation to their rookie camp.

In the week leading up to the draft Khalil Mack was getting more and more press as a possible number one over all, and even in the hours leading up to the draft there was supposedly some disagreement in the Texans war room as to which way they should go.

In the end Clowney's "Once in a life time talent" won out and Mack was looking like a likely number three pick. Jacksonville surprised a lot of people when they went for a Quarterback, and they shocked even more when the Quarterback was not Johnny football.

Then the Bills traded up for four. In hindsight every UB fan should have known this was about Watkins but at the time it felt like the Bills were after Khalil Mack. Right after the Bills took their receiver Oakland started fielding calls from teams trying to trade up, for Mack.

But the Raiders would have none of it and Mack became the first UB Bull drafted in the first round.

While there were one or two Bulls who could have been drafted late it was not going to be a two pick year for the school. Instead in the hours following the draft there was a flurry of activity as Bulls found places on NFL squads.

First it was Alex Neutz, the holder of several UB records. Neutz was signed by Cincinnati quickly after the draft was open. He joined Naamen Roosevelt, who's records he broke, as UB's second current receiver in the NFL.

Then Branden Oliver was signed by the Colts, an organization which has had more than a couple of Bulls over the years. Drew Willy, Jamey Richard, Mike Newton, and Drew Haddad have all played for the colts during UB's modern era.

The on Sunday Derek Brim moved from once side of the city to the other when the Buffalo Bills signed him. Brim is a walk on at UB who played high school ball at Canisius so he knows the area and the people better than anybody. The last Bull to make the Buffalo Bills roster was Naaman Roosevelt.

Also out of the UB Secondary Najja Johnson secured a spot with the Pittsburgh Steelers. Johnson is one of the best ever to go through the UB secondary and now he will be trying out for a team that has a power need for help at the corner spot.

Finally Jasen Carlson, who lost most of his senior season after he broke his leg against UMass. The all conference lineman was invited to the Chicago Bears rookie camp.

Six in the NFL from this years graduating class is a big accomplishment, one that I don't believe I've seen before from Buffalo. It's a solid step forward and one this program has to repeat in the near future if they wish to improve their recruiting profile.

Good luck to all 12 Bulls in NFL camps this summer.