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Bull Run interview with Khalil Mack

I can only imagine the pull Khalil is feeling this week. The typically classy man carves time to answer Bull Run's questions.

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The 2014 NFL draft takes place on Thursday, May 8th.  The draft has always been big for Buffalo with the Bills. This year will be off the charts with a Bull garnering so much attention and being a first round draft choice.  New York Bull's Khalil Mack draft predictions has every team in the top ten drafting him.  Want to know everything on Mr. Mack click here for the story stream Mack's Journey to the Draft!

I can't even imagine the pulls and strain's on Khalil right now.  Khalil takes time out of his busy schedule to answer questions for Bull Run.

The first question is what has your world been like since the combine? You have dreamed about this but can you fathom all of this?

I'm blessed. God has showed me favor and I don't really think you can imagine everything you've dreamed of actually taking place.  It has been but the favor of God and hard work that has truly worked for my good.

The world has heard the story of how you kept the number 46. In NFL you are required to wear a 50's or 90's number.  What would be your rating be after last season? Would you take that number if in the 90's?

Ha! That's something I can’t really control.  If they give me a 99 and I play to that caliber in the league then it's meant to be.  Funny.

We have a pick em’ game of your draft, who is going to pick you, how the Commish is going to say Buffalo, shed a tear, length of hug?  I do not want to know where you are going!  But I want your pick for length of hug and do you get emotional?  Also bow tie or regular tie?

Maybe a little emotional but more smiling than crying.  Two seconds tops for hug.  As far as the tie, I'm not sure yet, most likely no bow-tie.  Definitely more smiling than crying.

Enter the UB Bull Run Bruwpeg - Khalil Mack Draft Enter your picks here.  Prize for the winner!  I am changing my hug entry!  I still say a tear is shed as humble as Mack is!

This is your first semester away from UB, what do miss most about Buffalo/UB?  Who have you met in draft process that left you star stuck?

I miss the people and the hard working atmosphere of Buffalo.   I've met JJ Watt.  It was pretty cool but not star struck.

What's the first goal you've set for yourself once in the league?

A goal that I have for myself is to become defensive rookie of the year.

Have a great draft night!  Soak it all in because it will go by so fast.  Hug your loved ones tight and God Bless You. Thanks for all you did for UB!

Thank you! Will do.

Last but not least… UB all day!

After hearing his goal for his rookie season I am more excited now to see Mack in an NFL camp and his first season.  Here at Bull Run, it has been our privileged and honor to cover Khalil as a Bull.  We wish Khalil a great career.

This draft is more about Khalil as he will tell you.  Looking to see if UB's great RB Bo Oliver and WR Alex Neutz get their name called.  The second and third round are on Friday May 9th and rounds 4 - 7 will be held Saturday May 10.  Come back to Bull Run for reactions to the draft, many more articles, and also breaking news on UB players invited to NFL camps

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