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2011 Video Review UConn @ Buffalo 4th Quarter

Photo evidence that Nick Williams can be tackled.
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Photo evidence that Nick Williams can be tackled. via

Back in May, we looked at the first quarter of 2011's UConn game. It put me to sleep for a month. Last week we looked at the second quarter, where UB missed a field goal, then the teams traded field goals, before UB gave up a ridiculous long touchdown with under a minute to play.

I got Starbucks, and one of those torture devices that keep you from closing your eyelids to get me through the 3rd quarter and I'll be honest I shut this game off before the end of the 4th. It can barely be called football at this level.

15:00 swing run stopped by Gordan Dubois Huskies punting from their end zone.

14:18 Terrell Jackson with a return for no gain, but nonetheless, UB has the ball on the 41, 59 yards away from a tie game.

14:14 Chazz Roll Right, 5 yard gain, Holding...UB back to the 31.

holding on a quick pasing route.. awesome

by Scott Peddie

But it's not awesome, bazinga

13:55 1st and 20. Chazz scrambles for 8.

13:28 Chazz Anderson throws a dart to Marcus Rivers brings up 3rd and short, altho seems like he had enough for the first dow

12:50 moot point, 3rd and 1 Branden Oliver picks up 15.

run on 3rd and 1

works surprizingly well...hopefully we continue to run on 3rd and short

by bull_trojan

big first down there. nice run Bo!

by Scott Peddie

Earth to Quinn:

We can run the fang ball if we get a ist and goal from the 5 RUN

Bull Run, Get your daily dose of Bull

by Tim Riordan

11:54 after a short run, Chazz is sacked

11:30 3d and 16, we go with a screen, it's broken again. Drive over (sad trombone)

11:12 Brandon Murie catches the punt at the 1 inch line, but I guess his heel was in the end zone? IDK my biased eyes says It should be down at the 1...but it's a touchback

this is one of the more frsustrating games ive watched in awhile..

we have been dominating most of the game and have nothing to show for it.

by Scott Peddie

9:41 after 2 runs 3rd and 9, UConn is so bored they forget to snap, delay of game brings 3rd and 14. Uconn picks up 4, must punt, we're only down 7, yet I don't care...I just want this to be over.

8:46 Terrell Jackson muffs the punt return, falls on it on the 18 for a 62 net yard punt.

This is just silly

by D. Sanchirico

it really is...

by Scott Peddie

8:44 still running on 1st down.

8:09 pa pass, almost sacked, then thrown away.

8:05 inside draw on 3rd and 9, just awful.

3rd and 9 and we run it.. some confidence in our offense eh?

by Scott Peddie

So were obviously not trying to win with 8 minutes left in a 7 point game, so the only interesting game left is the blame game:

Blame Chazz?

vs UConn

J. Davis 18/42 227 5.4 3 3
Chazz Anderson 15/33 167 5.1 0 1

by Bullions

Same guy, just different jersey?

by Bullions

Blame Jeff Quinn?

Hmmm new QB new QB/RB/WR coaches

Whats the common denominator...

Bull Run, Get your daily dose of Bull

by Tim Riordan


by Bullions

Back to Chazz?

i think we all agree this is the worst we have seen chazz all season

by Scott Peddie

Back to Quinn/whoever our OC is?

Play calling is horible.

by Highlander99

Can't blame the defense in a 10-3 game can you?

How do you feel as a defensive player

When you make stop after stop, and your offense and offensive play calling suck? Pretty discouraging.

by D. Sanchirico

Nah Blame the Defense they can score too!

defensively the mindset has to be forcing turnovers and tilting the field

haven't done much on turnovers since '08

by bull_trojan

6:44 3rd and 7 UConn goes with a pass to the running back in the flat who is somehow completely uncovered and gets a first down. That's a very easy play, we should stop them from doing that.

5:32 the running QB comes in, and seriously stop this UConn, he gets 1 yard as he has every time he has the ball snapped to him in this game

4:52, on 3rd and long, Nick Williams catches a slant, 4 Bulls miss a tackle, and TD UConn buffalo 3 - Uconn 17.

And that is the game...

Bull Run, Get your daily dose of Bull

by Tim Riordan

Really I'm done with this game. The UB faithful head into the teeth of our schedule, Tennessee, Ohio Temple NIU. This was a completely winnable game. Just disgusting. How would the Bulls respond in Tennessee? Check back for 2011 Video Review, UB @ Tennessee.