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2011 Video Review UConn @ Buffalo 3rd Quarter

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Back in May, we looked at the first quarter of 2011's UConn game. It put me to sleep for a month. Last week we looked at the second quarter, where UB missed a field goal, then the teams traded field goals, before UB gave up a ridiculous long touchdown with under a minute to play.

I got Starbucks, and one of those torture devices that keep you from closing your eyelids...I will re-watch this game or die trying.

3rd Quarter:

13:36 UB's defense comes out strong, but on 3rd and long, they allow UConn's non-running QB to run for a first down.

missed sack opportunity.. im getting too used to seeing that

by Scott Peddie

Richie Smit got P0wned

Bull Run, Get your daily dose of Bull

by Tim Riorda

On the bright side, Josh Copeland delivered a big hit on the QB, however, the QB pops up and jogs back to the huddle while Copeland stays on the ground. That's not the way its supposed to go.

13:07 UConn tries the worse flea flicker ever, yet its still kinda open, the receiver out ran the QB's arm and probably should have been intercepted.

12:20 Third down, Lee Skinner with a great read and almost an interception...but UB down 10-3 will get the ball back early in the 3rd.

11:51 1ST DOWN OLIVER RUN FOR 1. If it ain't broke don't fix it.

11:35 Chazz Anderson kinda runs into the defensive tackle, they'll score it as a sack, loss of 5.

11:00 deep slant to rivers for a first down to the 30. MORE SLANT PLEASE.

10:21 end around to ed young for 6

9:42, 3rd and 3 after BO run for no gain.

9:10 BO for a first down on a well called draw.

9:03 Braden Oliver gets his 15th carry but only 50 yards gained. 2nd and 8, but it works if it sets up the...

8:30 play action pass deep to Alex Neutz down inside the 10.

8:00 1st and goal run to BO for about a yard.

7:38 2 tight ends 2 WRs, (Almost a goaline set...progress) we go play action...

ah...tight end drink!!! -nooo

by bull_trojan on Sep 24, 2011 5:00 PM PDT actions

thats such a simple play to the tight end that has to be executed... wtf

by Scott Peddie

Pass dropped by Connacher. Quinn has scene enough of traditional offensive sets and goes 4 wide shotgun.

7:21 Slant pass intercepted. (What idiot asked for more slant?)

But flags down in the area of pass interference...the refs huddle and wave off the pass interference. The replay shows the interference was probably before the interception, however the interception was about 5 yards ahead of the receiver, you just don't make that throw in the red zone....

Shotgun and 4 wide are not as useful when you have no space. That's why the goal line package was invented. At some point, usually inside the 10, you have to out muscle the other team. INSTALL a F****** goaline package.

Quinn's playcalling shows we have no running game.

by Highlander99

Despite the fact were running the ball

Bull Run, Get your daily dose of Bull

by Tim Riordan

Quinn's playcalling shows

He doesn't know how to call plays

by D. Sanchirico

I didn't say it, just reporting what the people are saying.

So with 5:45 remaining and UB squandering another scoring opportunity, UConn brings in their running quarterback, who predictably runs, for 2 yards. The commentators for some reason take this opportunity to tell the audience that Kansas runs the Wildcat, but wont call it the Wildcat because of Kansas State.

Announcers, what you've just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard. At no point in your rambling, incoherent story were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone watching this broadcast is now dumber for having listened to it. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul.

4:18, UB forces a punt and takes over at the 23.

3:40 Oliver runs for 3 and 3 to bring up 3rd and 4....another 3rd down strike to Marcus Rivers, his 7th reception...another slant. (Works almost every time)

2:30 draw to Branden Oliver for a good gain, personal foul on UConn tacks on 15 yards and the bulls are in business.

After 3 runs in 4 plays, I guess the chart says to throw it 3 times, gotta have offensive balance.

2:02 Rivers wide open streaking down the field, throw just out of reach

1:48, Anderson throws it away on 2nd and 3rd...punt time.

1:43 Buffalo downs the punt at the 3...meanwhile the natives, obviously bored debate Anderson vs Davis. Mind you this debate is kinda moot as Davis and Anderson are both still on the team, Anderson won the job by far, and no one really wants Davis in. That's how bored we are.

oh over thrwon a wide open marcus rivers

by bull_trojan

If Anderson and the Receivers actually play well on the same play

We will be dangerous

Bull Run, Get your daily dose of Bull

by Tim Riordan


Rivers and Jerry Davis were so connected last year

we really miss that this year

by bull_trojan

Not always

by Bullions

ha right offer not valid

in the 1st and 4th quarter

by bull_trojan

I can't believe the words "miss" and "Jerry Davis" mixed together


by D. Sanchirico

I actaully think he's the 2nd best QB on the roster

After Chazz

by Bullions

Assuming Licata isn't ready yet

by Bullions

Oh come one how many times last year did we hear

Jerry Daivs will miss that throw

Bull Run, Get your daily dose of Bull

by Tim Riordan

Do you guys remember the BG game last year

Davis had a pretty awesome offense going. That was the best I've seen us move the ball since Zach left

by Bullions

Are you talking about the game in which he threw four inters?

by D. Sanchirico

Yea but boy did BG move the ball after those pic's ;)

Bull Run, Get your daily dose of Bull

by Tim Riordan

4th Q he was dreadful

But there was that magical period during the 2nd and 3rd quarters where he was on fire.

by Bullions

0:59 After pinning UConn at the 3 yard line, the Huskies dink and dump to the 20 yard line...the natives continue to get restless.

seriously, their only passes are play actions to the flats. can we not stop this?

by Scott Peddie

I was just saying, do we have cover 2 in our D package

by bull_trojan

:00 Khalil Mack ends the quarter by finally getting to the QB and getting him down on the grass.

Mack and Way on the sack. nice

by Scott Peddie

Mack may be the best player in the...


by D. Sanchirico


Buffalo continues to fear the blue paint. Uconn continues to bore. The natives are turning on everyone, but still making CSI Miami worthy quips. This is vintage Buffalo football.

End of 3. Buffalo 3, Uconn 10.