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2011 Video Review UConn @ Buffalo 2nd Quarter


When we last left the UConn game, we we're playing poorly executed slightly unimaginative football. Paul Phoneitinqualoni's Huskies countered with poorly executed slightly unimaginative football. UB has the ball in the Red Zone and the Special Teams advantage.

15:00 1st and 10 on the 15 yard line, 1 yard run.

14:13 2nd and 9 play action jump ball in the end zone to neutz incomplete.

14:05 dump pass to Oliver for 2 yards.

13:30 30 yard kick from right hash, goes just wide left the crowd cheers, they think its good, the refs rule it is not.

did we seriously just miss that field goal?? wow good luck beating a BCS team while missing chip shots

by Scott Peddie

Does Uconn count as BCS?

they look very beatable

by bull_trojan

Well the BigEast is still AQ..

For now..

Bull Run, Get your daily dose of Bull

by Tim Riordan

12:30 UConn 3 runs straight up the gut.

12:00 Sets up playaction just out of the reach of the receiver...3rd and 7.

11:49 UB comes with a outside blitz, didn't get there, UConn converts, but called back on illegal formation penalty.

10:14 1st down pass and 2nd down run combine for a first down...what will we do on 1st down this time?

9:41 WR screen devon hughes , loss of 2.

9:04 Out pattern to rivers, wide open for 10 yards.

8:15 Oliver up the middle for a first down

7:26 3rd and 7 after a near miss on a 10 yard hitch, big blitz, broken screen play.

broken screen


by bull_trojan

7:21 bulls going for it on 4th, deep ball for Marcus Rivers, looked like ther could have been pass interference, instead a roughing the passer call

7:16 1st and 10 from the 18. Chaz Anderson with a madden style play, runs back 10 yards throws to rivers who scrambles for 10 and a first down on the 8.

6:55 goaline package subs in...of course not we go 4 wide shotgun, Anderson is sacked and we were holding

6:23 1st and goal form the 18...Chazz blows a timeout.

6:18 Uconn blitzes, we go CHAZZ ROLL LEFT 8 yard completion to Neutz 2nd and goal at the 10.

5:47 Chazz Anderson has room to run but instead throws it out the back of the end zone.

5:37 Buffalo blows another timeout, then incomplete slant pass to Devon Hughes who was held on the pattern no call....

5:25 28 yard field goal from Peter Fardon just inside the post...UB 3 - UCONN 0.

5;23 UConn Kick Returner stops at the one inch line of the end zone, asks the ref if he came out, then takes the knee...somehow we still take a penalty on the kick coverage despite there being no return.

5:20 UConn sticks with run up the gut, Paul Pasqualoni retired in '98, now just sending a look a like and collecting checks.

4:50 Play action pass to the sideline, it is close, but the refs decide not to replay because even they are just excited to see some action.

3:45 Getting UB defense here, after keeping UConn down for a half, we're not playing very well now that we have a lead. UConn goes wildcatish formation end around for no gain.

2:44 3rd and 8. UB's defensive line stands up to confuse the UConn OL gets some pressure incomplete pass.

2:40 47 yard kick attempt is good. UB 3 - UCONN 3. UConn now winning the special teams battle.

2:28 Terrell Jackson with a good runback, plenty of time for a 2 minute drill.

2:20 2 yard run by Branden Oliver, run up the gut, a staple of every 2 minute drill.

1:53 Marcus Rivers slant, for 6 yards. 3rd and 3.

1:20 Deep bomb to Rivers no where near him, Rivers got held no call.

1:13 Punt pins UConn back to the 17, 3 timeouts, but surely they'll just run it out and head into the locker room.

1:04 Screen for about 17 yards, UConn Center gets hurt, so they'll obviously just run the clock out now.

:57 High snap...but then a quick throw to some guy wearing Donald Brown's 31, Turns out he is Nick Williams. Rivals clocked him at a 4.51 40, and apparently he's faster than every Bull except Josh Copeland who finally tracks Williams down at the 5.

:30 Sprint right option to the tight end, but out of bounds...

:21 2nd and goal play action pass to the fullback for a touchdown. UB 3 - UConn 10.

half could have been worse, but it should be so much better. we cant put the ball in the endzone

by Scott Peddie

:04 Hail mary to Nuetz off his helmet, meanwhile the UConn safety takes out the corner.

:00 Instead of throwing a hail mary Anderson runs for 10? Ok.

After 2, Buffalo does nothing in the red zone, Uconn shocks us with a quick strike, and UB fans don't care they just want more scoring.

Over/Under 18 points scored this quarter

by Scott Peddie on Sep 24, 2011 4:36 PM PDT actions

UConn looks like they have our number
Bull Run, Get your daily dose of Bull

by Tim Riordan

I say over as well, but not by much.

by Scott Peddie on Sep 24, 2011 4:41 PM PDT up actions

Well we could hope couldn't we. Starbucks run, then Quarter 3.