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Buffalo Bulls Reveal New Football Uniforms For 2016-2017

The new unis feature the new "spirit mark" and Buffalo wordmark prominently, though at least one helmet in the preview still has the "UB" mark.

Today the UB Athletics department revealed new uniforms for the Buffalo Bulls football team in advance of the 2017 season. The new look was teased yesterday on the department's Instagram and Twitter accounts.

The new uniforms highlight the University's decision to force all departments, including Athletics, to exist under one brand.

The uniforms are just the most recent change since the April announcement. The school has already altered their basketball arena floor and are in the process of laying down a new turf design at UB Stadium.

UB released the new uniforms, featuring solid blocks of color, a variety of helmet options, especially considering the new Bull logo, and blockier, easier-to-read uniform numbers, on Twitter just after 11:00 this morning. Check them out in a first look here:

Here's two looks from the video:

FB 2016 uni 1

FB uniform2

More details:

Notice the new bull at the collar.

It looks like UB now has several helmet combinations, with either the new Bull or UB in a variety of colors, of course either white or blue helmets and a variety of facemask options.

The numbers are blockier, and hopefully easier to read. Same goes for the chest wordmark, which I'm pretty certain is different and less serif-y than the official wordmark. At a minimum, the 'A' is different.

In some shots, it looks to me like the 'UB' mark on the helmet is closer to navy blue than royal. That would be a nice nod to the past, if true.

If I have to sum it up in one or two words, I'd say 'simpler' and 'cleaner' than the old uniforms. I'm a big fan of the white tops and hated the stripes down the sides of the shirts and pants in the past. I also am a big fan of all of the helmet possibilities.

Finally, huge props to UB for getting the word out on these. I'm on vacation and out of the loop, but see that UB-related hashtags and this news was trending in Buffalo yesterday and see that tons of local media was on the news right at the moment of release. That's the sort of stuff that needs to happen for Athletics to grow.