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New Buffalo Stadium Turf Design Unveiled

Hot off the presses.

UB Stadium to get new turf and field design; current turf to be repurposed for student recreational use - University at Buffalo
A new turf will be installed at UB Stadium this summer and Alumni Arena’s basketball court will be refinished – with both playing surfaces prominently featuring the new wordmark and new spirit mark for the University at Buffalo Athletics department, as well as the interlocking UB logo.

This is happing about a year faster than I expected it to occur but it is taking the same path. I had expected this to happen next season but the Bulls, trying to get in line with the schools new universal branding guielines, moved very quickly on this.

By the time UB's freshman start arriving the Bulls will have rebranded both the Basketball court (which is already done) and the football stadium.

The current turf will move over to Kunz Stadium for use by student recreational teams. Long term plans were made several years ago to transition track over to Kunz so that the track around UB's field can be either lowered or replaced with a patio.

The new UB Stadium turf will be made of A-Turf Titan, a synthetic surfacing system produced by A-Turf, a company headquartered in Western New York. Installation of the new turf began last week and will be completed in August in time for the Bulls’ football and the men’s and women’s soccer seasons. The basketball court’s refinishing has been completed.

This project is running the school about 770,000 dollars, refinishing the basketball court costs a little less than 17,000.

Also, of note, is that UB is working with SUNY to remove student activities from the Athletics fee.