Two-page resume

"One-page resume or two-page resume?"

While applying for a promotion, that was the question I pondered this April when the first "Related Work Experience" entry from November 2015 could no longer stay on page one. There was no formatting magic that could happen to prevent it. All of the career advice I received up to that point was to keep a resume to one page, but I also wanted to show off where I came from, and where this weird journey began 5,000 miles away.

The first entry in question: UB Bull Run. Roughly seven years ago, I received an email from Matt Gritzmacher gauging whether I'd be interested in writing more for the site. I was doing semi-regular fanposts, mostly using a simulator to predict who'd win each respective UB Football matchup in the coming weekend. The prospect was an exciting one and I jumped on board with the utmost enthusiasm. I was a sophomore at UB at the time, and my passion for watching UB sports was becoming a fervent one, so writing about each game was a lot of fun and a good hobby to stay occupied. There was no chance in hell I could've predicted what happened because of that decision.

Long story short, my personal life collapsed in late-2015. I was a depressed mess and I didn't know what I was doing or where I was going. Writing for this site kept the lights on for me and it was the only thing I looked forward to. As I slowly put the pieces back together throughout that winter, I quickly realized that having this creative outlet made me realize how much I enjoyed writing and that I was very much pursuing the wrong career path.

There were so many incredible memories from that point on: The freeing feeling of starting a new major; sitting on press row in Cleveland and watching UB win a couple MAC titles in the same day; drunken stupors at the crew house on Merrimac; oddly enjoying the misery of UB Football's 2016 season; getting an internship with the Bisons; making a case for Dontay Caruthers' DPOTY award; and pouring money into the pit that was my '02 Pontiac Grand Prix.

Writing about UB sports on this site was a backdrop to my college experience. But once I graduated, I slowly stopped writing for the site. I was hellbent on making sports my career, splitting time between my paying gig at UB's university communications office and doing unpaid intern work with Buffalo State's athletic department. Then, it wasn't much longer until Stu Riddle got my foot in the door and had me doing all of the comms for his soccer program at Northern Kentucky (we won a 'ship too! Shoutout to you Stu, wherever you are these days).

I never gave this site, or in other words my experience with it any closure, and that is just straight-up criminal. Thank you to this wonderful pocket of the internet, to its readership, and the fellow contributors I enjoyed sharing this site with. I have to single out Tim and Matt the most though. Tim gave me space to do whatever I wanted on this site and it grew me in ways that no internship could, both personally and professionally. We didn't see eye-to-eye on everything but I'm so thankful for what he's done for me. As for Matt, I hear your voice, or at least the dinging sound from your Slack messages, every time I write a clunky sentence (there's a few of those I already see in this fanpost, but I don't have the time to edit them, forgive me). I'd be a much worse writer today if you didn't rip my articles to shreds and I'm so thankful that you did.

I've had a lot of friends come and go in my short life, and often it's because we grow into different people and move on to new paths. UB Bull Run feels like one of those friends. It's a weight in my chest where I'll always be sad about those days being long gone. There was a different me that graced this website, a time I wanted to work in sports, and I worked so hard to do it, only to switch gears again and leave it all behind.

But UB Bull Run is also a name and a time, that for just a short moment on a random weekday afternoon like today, I look up from my computer in my corner office in Alaska and let out a smirk and a giggle. Two-page resume it is.

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