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The Bowl Case for Buffalo over Louisiana Tech

Louisiana Tech v South Carolina Photo by Streeter Lecka/Getty Images

There are going to be between 79 and 83 Bowl eligible teams. Several bowl selection committees are going to have to decide between a host of 6-6 teams as they fill some Bowl slots.

Over the course of the week Bull Run will try to make the decision a little more clear for those committees. We have already made the case for UB over UTSA, WKU, and Middle Tennessee.

Next up is Louisiana Tech.

Louisiana Tech has a pretty thin resume. They have two wins this season against 6-6 teams, no wins over teams with a winning record, and a smattering of wins over 0-3 win teams.

The more impressive victory that the Bulldogs’s put up came over UTSA in the final week of the season. Their other victory over a 6-6 team was a 23-22 win over WKU.

The Bulls and Bulldogs have only a single game in common. Buffalo beat Florida Atlantic 34-31 game while Tech lost the game 48 to 23.

On the season ESPN and Sargin ranks Buffalo at 92nd and 100th respectively. Louisiana Tech is ranked 97th and 109th. Like many of the other six win teams trying to snag a bowl the real difference between Buffalo and Lousiana Tech come down to the offense.

UB’s offensive fire power has been proven against nearly every opponent. Only Minnesota and Northern Illinois really held the Bulls in check and against the Huskies UB was playing their third string quarterback.

Tech did not limp into the off season, like some other teams, but 2-2 with a last week win over a pretty weak UTSA pales in comparison to Buffalo’s 3-1 run that culminated with a victory over 8-3 Ohio.

As with the other six win teams UB over Louisiana Tech comes down this:

  • UB played a tougher schedule schedule
  • Buffalo is higher ranks in both the Sargin and ESPN
  • Buffalo boasts better wins, and a better record against common opponents
  • Buffalo’s offense is exciting to watch, much better for bowl viewing

This is the fourth team that are a lesser choice than Buffalo. If a bowl committee want’s a watchable game they should be looking at the Tyree Jackson to Anthony Johnson.