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The Bowl Case For Buffalo Over Middle Tennessee

Marshall v Middle Tennessee Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images

There are going to be between 79 and 83 Bowl eligible teams. Yesterday, using my fingers and toes, I figured out that UB needs to be picked over 1-5 of these teams.

The case has already been made for UB over UTSA and WKU. Might as well stick with Conference USA and take a peek at Middle Tennessee. lk

Buffalo is far better than about a half dozen six win teams competing for bowl “at large” spots. Of those six teams Middle Tennessee may be the strongest. But even with a 3-1 finish, matching the Bulls, they don’t have a better resume than Buffalo.

Their best win was a mid season victory over FIU, who eventually finished 7-5. As we keep mentioning UB has two victories over eight win teams, including the CUSA champion.

The Bulls and MTSU have three common opponents.

  • Minnesota - UB played a hard fought 17-7 game, MTSU got curb stomped 34-3
  • Florida Atlantic - The Bulls won a 34-31 game, MTSU was easily beat 38-20
  • Bowling Green - Both teams played Bowling Green to about the same 10/11 point margin of victory.

But it’s more than these three games that separate the two teams.

On the season ESPN and Sargin ranks Buffalo at 92nd and 100th respectively. Middle Tennessee is ranked 99th and 109th. More than that the Blue Raider offense is ranked 107th nationally, where as the Bulls boast a top 50(44) offensive unit.

UB’s offensive fire power has been proven against nearly every opponent. Only Minnesota and Northern Illinois really held the Bulls in check and against the Huskies UB was playing their third string quarterback.

There is little doubt that Tyree Jackson and Anthony Johnson can put on a better show than Middle Tennessee.