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Ten Takeaways from Buffalo's loss to Albany

Ten thoughts on the Buffalo Bulls loss to Albany from our editor emeritus, Dave Brand.

UB Athletics

These are my ten takeaways (Though I should stay true to game and only have four) from yesterday's game

1.  UB lost to Albany.

2.  Kudos to True Blue and the students for showing up to the game. To see the end zone bleachers with students in them was great to see. The Ops Department at the stadium has to do a better job of getting the students in quicker. There was a super long line and wait time for students to get into the stadium. Many were lucky to miss the opening drive for the Bulls as they were bottlenecked at the gate.

3.  Mason Schreck was UB's deep threat? Mason is an amazing athlete but your TE should not be your deep option. I look forward to seeing Mason and Tyree Jackson click this year. I also look forward to another WR step up.

4.  The right side of the offensive line struggled all night, to the point where designed plays were being called for Tyree to scramble left and throw across his body.  I hope that Tyree is a tough kid because he is going to get hit this year.

5.  This game was so bad many were pining for the good old Quinn Days. That makes me very sad.

6.  I guess the shock, horror, and disrespect many felt and complained about the NYBI name change were not thrilled enough to come support the BUFFALO-named team. The school listened to the masses and changed the official team name and badging to BUFFALO and no one cared. Four fellows behind me left in the second quarter. I am glad they came. Smart and frugal gentleman who planned on using the coupon on the ticket for later that evening. Make Buffalo New York again.

7.  Earlier this week I wrote that if this season is a disaster that Lance could be on the hot seat. I was told UB does not run that type of program. Lance is fine.

How about now? UB is at a point where they did not have to take a gamble with the head coach. They took a gamble with Jeff Quinn, who had never been a head coach before. They won with Gill, but you cannot have two bad hires in a row. I still feel bad for the fans and the players for the Quinn tenure. UB could have found a fired upper tier D-I coach who has the experience and bandwidth to lead UB.

I am fine with UB being a stepping stone. I am not fine with UB being a location where coaches learn on the job. It means they can be outcoached and make bad mistakes, and that's what happened last night.

8. I would love to hear the coaches' reasoning for starting Grant Rohach. Lance was quoted as saying "We made a decision and we went with it. I guess that's one I could be second-guessed on." Second guessed, really?  Hard to believe that the coach and his staff didn't see in preseason that the freshman obviously gives this team a better chance to win.

9.  A good QB is going to rip this secondary apart. A couple of the large receptions for Albany were wide open wide receivers that UB totally forgot about.

10.  I heard many say that UB was looking past Albany to Nevada? With a bye week and two weeks until the next game UB was looking forward? No way. Albany ran out of Amherst thanking the UB coaching staff for not leaning on the smaller Great Danes defensive line and pounding the ball. UB played the perfect game for Albany to win by not piling on their size advantages. Add three interceptions and a fumble lost, no takeaways, and let Albany is the fresher team at the end of the game.

See you in two weeks.