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Mid American Conference Power Rankings

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

And here they are...

Rank Team Score LW CH Comment
1 TOL 1.2 1 0 Toledo keeps racking up quality wins. Two against P5 teams and then they just brutalized Arkansas State. If Stony Brook had stuck around to finish the opener Toledo might be ranked
2 BG 2.6 4 2 Bowling Green is getting a lot of love from the Bull Run editors. They head into Buffalo this week to open conference play.
3 NIU 3.0 2 -1 Seems as if struggling to score on Ohio State is forgiven but Boston College not so much. NIU is not looking like the Best of the West but MAC play has not started.
4 OHIO 3.4 3 -1 Ohio's win against Marshall lost some of its shine after Kent took the Herd to OT. They had Minnesota dead to rights but some sloppy late play and a bad procedure call cost them the win.
5 BSU 6.2 8 3 Ball State played perennially over-ranked, but still rather good, Northwestern very well. That along with struggles by UB, CMU, and WMU led to a big bounce up.
6 BUF 6.6 5 -1 This season Buffalo has been defined by the turnover battle. The loss came with three second half turnovers which killed their chances of a comeback.
7 CMU 7.2 6 -1 CMU may be poised for a nice run once conference play starts. Cooper Rush is the real thing and in this league a QB like that can mean a shot at winning your division.
8 WMU 7.6 7 -1 NIU set the bar kind of high with their play against Ohio State. This week the Broncos fell very short of that measure and dropped in the poll because of it.
9 AKR 9.8 11 2 I'm not trying to make Akron a thing... But 2-2 is a good start and they looked very strong against Louisiana Lafayette.
10 EMU 10.8 9 -1 This is the first time this season where EMU looked "EMUish". Army can do that to you. With LSU on the docket next we may not get an idea od how good/bad the eagle are until Akron.
10 MASS 10.8 12 2 UMass demonstrated that they are not to be trifled with in MAC play. Notre Dame went through the motions for two quarters and when they did UMass kept up with them.
12 KENT 11.2 13 1 Kent came oh so close to a nice upset of the ever overconfident Herd. They lost in OT but Kent is showing "Flashes" of potential.
13 MIA 12.2 10 -3 How Miami goes from giving Cincinnati everything they could handle to getting curb stomped by WKU is a mystery. That's RedHawk football.

Big movers up this week are Ball State, UMass and Akron:

Ball State lost but looked nice against #17 North Western. On top of looking nice they jumped three teams that did not look so nice in Buffalo, Central Michigan, and Western Michigan.

Akron put a beating on Louisiana Lafayette. It's the kind of out of conference win the MAC needs to get if they want to assert themselves as one of the better G5 schools.

UMass moves up two despite giving up 62 points to Notre Dame. A solid first half was enough to help them climb a bit.

Big losers this week is Miami:

Their loss to WKU took away all the love they had acquired from a solid showing versse Cincinnati, and then some.