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Mid American Conference Power Rankings

Mike Carter-USA TODAY Sports
Rank Team Score LW CH Comment
1 TOL 1.2 1 0 Toledo's Defense looked very formidable against Ball State. There is still one holdout who does not have them as #1 among our editors but more and more they seem to be the top team.
2 BG 2.2 2 0 Falcon Fast dropped 500 plus yards again but the defense, "Falcon Last" just about let the Bulls come back to tie the game late with 500 Buffalo yards.
3 OHIO 3.4 4 1 Ohio outlasted Akron and benefit from NIU's poor showing against Central Michigan. More and more they look like Bowling Greens biggest challenger in the East.
4 CMU 4.2 7 3 CMU does seem to have the Huskies' number. The win highlights some of the chinks we have been noticing in NIU's armor as they now find themselves 3rd in the West.
5 NIU 4.8 3 -2 NIU's offensive production in their last three games: 13, 17, 19 points. Despite the fact that Ohio State was one of those teams it's still disturbing.
6 BSU 6.6 5 -1 The good news for BSU is that they have the conference's best team out of the way and Riley Neal is still looking good behind center.
7 BUF 7.4 6 -1 Up until the late third quarter UB had just 9 points on 6 trips inside the 30. If Buffalo can figure out how to play football in the redzone they may get to a bowl this year.
8 WMU 8.0 8 0 WMU sat idle and holds their spot.
9 AKR 9.4 9 0 Like Buffalo Akron had issues finishing drives. They held Ohio to 14 points but they themselves only managed field goals.
10 EMU 10.0 10 0 After 3 EMU was only down a score to LSU, not bad for the Eagles.With NIU, CMU, and Toledo left on their schedule it's hard to see the 1-4 Eagles getting to 500 this year.
11 MASS 10.2 10 -1 UMass got their first win and "fell" a spot. They were tied with EMU last week with an average rank of 10.8. This week they are better with 10.2 but EMU got more love for their LSU game.
12 KENT 10.6 12 0 Best way to stay out of the cellar is to beat te guys in the cellar. That's what Kent did to Miami.
13 MIA 13.0 13 0 Miami made it interesting late but as Buffalo learned you can't win if you start games in the third and fourth quarter.

The big gainer this week are of course Central Michigan. The Chips win also dropped NIU 2 spots.