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Vine Recap: BGSU 28 - UB 22

Vine Recap: Press the volume symbol at the bottom right hand corner to hear/mute vine. The vine autoplays as you scroll, but you can also pause and play by clicking anywhere on a vine. It is way more fun when we win.

We need to learn to finish

Good play call, good get off by Willoughby that should be a TD. However a missed blocking assignment leads to a missed pass and four points wasted.

We still need to learn to finish

Probably should have been a QB scramble and a FG try.

Defense was relatively good today

Falcon Fast looked like an average team, but they did expose everything in the secondary not covered by Boise Island. I just included this clip so Matt would have something to smile about. Also Crawford back? Crawford back!


UB's offense struggled again, while the defense tried to keep it close. I'm just going to leave this here until it's not true, 4 weeks in a row now.

It's not Vine Recap without slow-mo bad call

This one cost McGill a TD reception, over some mutual hand fighting. Ref is the BGSU MVP.

I don't often show opponent highlights, but this was pretty:

Licata Haters Avert Your Eyes

One of the best throws I've seen Licata make, and a great catch by Collin Lisa

Some LL Cool Coach Creativity

If only we had this play on 3rd and 1 last year.

Slalom Puts on his Boogie Shoes

Forget creativity, what if we had Johnson last year, or what if we ran Johnson in the red zone this year?

The Comeback Again Fell Short

Still enjoy the simple beauty of a fade to Willoughby

Finally: UB Bull Run Vine Recaps Presents:
The Dead Zone trilogy