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College Football 2015 - Mid American Conference Power Rankings

Mark D. Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Rank Team Score LW CH Comment
1 TOL 1.2 2 1 Nearly a unanimous pick as the #1 MAC team after they dispatched #18 Arkansas. I'm guessing if they knock off Iowa State this week the last holdout goes their way next week.
2 NIU 2.6 1 -1 NIU needs to get over the slow starts or they may find themselves on the wrong end of a deficit. For now though they only find themselves out of first because of Toledo's win
3 OHIO 3.6 7 4 Ohio won the Battle of the Bell and moved up four spots. Conrad throws them out as his number one pick most everyone else had them after Bowling Green.
4 BG 3.8 5 1 Maryland provided a little resistance to Bowling Green but in the end the Falcons won easily and move up a spot. Terps fans call it "our worst loss in years" but it's not a huge surprise
5 WMU 5.0 3 -2 Throttled by Georgia Southern WMU is now off to an 0-2 start. They have Murray State next week and then Ohio State. A 1-3 start for Fleck is very probable.
6 BUF 6.2 4 -2 The good news for Buffalo is that they won't face a front seven like Penn State again this year. The bad news is that now there is a lot of film in how to stifle their offense.
7 CMU 7.6 8 1 Central Michigan's Cooper rush may give the Chips a shot at some MAC West upsets this season.
8 BSU 7.8 5 -3 It's not that they lost. It's how they lost 49 to 3 at the half. We will have a better idea of who the Cards are after they play EMU this week.
9 EMU 9.2 12 3 First road non conference win in a log time for EMU when combined with a near win verse ODU in week one it's starting to look like there is life inYpsi
10 AKR 9.8 11 1 Akron loses and gains a spot, that is how bad UMass and Miami were this week.
11 MASS 10.6 10 -1 Last season UMass gave Colorado a fight this season the Minutemen were supposed to be a stronger squad yet they got Killed in their season opener.
12 MIA 11.6 9 -3 Miami had one of MAC harder OOC games this season but to be shut out does not bode well for the RedHawks
13 KENT 12.0 13 0 Kent's blowout of Delaware State did not get them out of the cellar. But Miami's drop puts the Hawks in shooting distance.

So how are teams moving around after three polls?

Big Gainers -

The team with the most positive momentum seems to be EMU though Ohio is certainly a big gainer after starting 2-0 with not only two G5 wins but one against their hated rival.

Big Losers -

Ball State is clearly in a spiral. They did not have a very impressive win vs VMI and then had a game against Texas A&M. We don't know who Ball State is but we will get a better idea this week.

Game to watch - From ranking perspective it has to be Ball State at EMU. A loss in Ypsi will move the Cards into the bottom third and move the Eagles to 2-1 with the sole loss coming in the waning moments versus a G5 squad.