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The Pregame Meal: Just trying to ruin Temple's strength of schedule

The Pregame Meal Penn State 2014: Could we party like it's 1900?

Matthew O'Haren-USA TODAY Sports

Freaking Temple. Leave it to the screechers to ruin our 2nd game by taking the luster off of it. Revenge however would be in beating Penn State, hurting Temple's strength of schedule and tainting any pride they have in their win. I mean they couldn't celebrate the win without admitting that a UB win over PSU was impressive. If they deem a UB win over PSU unimpressive, then their own win over PSU is unimpressive. We've got them where we want them, all we have to do is win.

Hydration: Schlitz Malt Liquor

1) The theme of the PGM is partying like it's 1900. No one partied harder in 1900 than the Pabst Brewing Company. In 1999 Pabst purchased Schlitz which allows me to make this connection.

2) Schlitz Malt Liquor's logo is a proud blue bull.

3) If we beat Penn State, I'm getting college freshman on the first weekend at UB hammered on malt liquor.

and 4) I wanted an excuse to play this youtube.

NutritionationJim's Steakout

1) Temple was able to will themselves to victory over PSU probably fueled by those disgusting cheese wiz Philly cheesesteaks. We should be able to win with a superior Buffalo-style steak sub.

2) If we win, after I'm done getting wasted on malt liquor, I'm gonna need Jim's. That's what Jim's is for, that's how Jim's is used.

Song of the Week: Meatloaf "Two out of three ain't bad"

This will be the third meeting between Penn State and UB. Penn State defeated Buffalo in 2007, and UB defeated Penn State in 1900. With the series tied at one game a piece, a UB win would give the Bulls two out of three, and that definitely ain't bad. Let's party like it's 1900!

Player Hating: Akeel Lynch

I never like local players who leave. Matt will probably not like the fact that he originally committed to Boston College before switching to Penn State. Lynch of Toronto is a St. Francis grad (Matt doesn't care for that either) and lived for a year with Adam Redden's family.

Akeel would have been a great Bull, but we are never really hurting for running backs, so I guess it's OK that he went to PSU. The back currently has 1,114 yards and 6 rushing TDs in his career, while averaging 5.13 yards per carry. If Lynch reaches his potential, he could be the next star running back in the Big Ten. I'm just hoping he starts reaching his potential around week 3.

Pick a Side:

When we play Syracuse, and when we play Penn State, (and probably if we ever played Notre Dame, which c'mon Buffalo stop rooting for Notre Dame) we get that awkward dual fan stuff. I think Southern New York especially identifies with the Nittany Lions.

I have three teams, (I went to three schools), but the hierarchy of fan-ship is always 1) Team that pays you, 2) Undergrad 3) childhood team, 4) Grad school. I follow the rules, if the Bulls ever found their way to a certain Island, it would hurt, but I'm rooting for a UB loss. If UB found their way to a certain Coliseum, I'm wearing Blue and White and rooting for UB all the way.

If you went to UB for undergrad, but grew up a PSU fan, the rules are clear, you're rooting for the Bulls this week. You're allowed to be happy for PSU if they win, but you shouldn't be making noise when UB is on offense on 3rd down. If you went to PSU undergrad, and you are a UB fan from Buffalo, the rules state you should wear all white and root for your team not to be a laughingstock for another week.

BONUS: If you're a PSU fan who wants to bump off a certain coordinator before B1G play starts, feel free to make it a hostile crowd for the home team. Help us help you, help us help you.

I also hope UB fans show up in force, I'm tempted to buy a plane ticket myself, because if we party like it's 1900, it will be a historical day you won't want to miss. My FOMO is at an all time high right now, and if you're close enough to make the short drive to Happy Valley, then in the words of the great Dave Chappelle:

10 Factors to decide the game

1) Chris Godwin vs Boise Ross:

PSU's #1 receiver goes against a corner we are very excited about. This will be a great test of Boise's progress at CB. If Boise can stop Godwin, UB has a better chance at keeping PSU's offense off track and I think that will be a key to a possible UB win. As a Pennsylvania native playing at Penn State, I worry about Boise being too amped for the game. I think it will take a little time for Ross to find his poise, so I give the advantage to Godwin.

Advantage: PSU (0-1)

2) Home and Away:

UB: 1-4 in last 5 road games
PSU: 2-3 in last 5 home games

We're both bad and we should feel bad! PSU is slightly less bad at home than UB is on the road.

Advantage: PSU (0-2)

3) Buffalo Offense vs PSU Defense:

Buffalo's offense looked might efficient utilizing the many weapons at Joe Licata's disposal. This week will be a true test, but I think the depth UB has should give the Bulls a favorable matchup somewhere on the field that Penn State won't be able to completely shut down.

Advantage: Buffalo (1-2)

4) Turnovers:

UB had a clean game, while Hackenberg fumbled and threw an interception. Look for turnovers to be huge in this week's game. PSU won't need to win the turnover margin to win, but UB does. I think the Bulls will win that battle.

Advantage: Buffalo (2-2)

5) Google News Search Headline (non-sports related):

"Penn State graduate students spend Labor Day talking unionization"

Near and dear to my heart. I don't have benefits despite working full time, but my wife, a TA, gets benefits thanks to unionization efforts by the grads here. Go get your benefits PSU grads.

"Police crack down on underage drinking in University Heights"

Heard that before...I remember back in '05 when PJs shut down and the house party scene was I'm old

Advantage: PSU (2-3)

6) Key Player:

Akeel Lynch - If he gets the chance to run it, he can singlehandedly make the pass protection issues moot.

Okezie Alozie - UB can neither let Hackenberg get comfortable nor let Lynch get loose. Alozie, the designated Khalil Mack/Adam Redden TFL linebacker of the year, has the job of forcing PSU into negative plays. If successful, UB can follow the Temple script to a hollywood ending.

Advantage: Based on what I've seen of PSU's gameplan, Buffalo (3-3)

7)House Protection:

Penn State

Players from New York: 4

Albert Hall - Warwick, NY
Jordan Lucas - New Rochelle, NY
Charlie Shuman - Pittsford, NY
Akeel Lynch - Toronto, Ont via South Buffalo, NY

Players from Pennsylvania: 51

House Protection Index: 59


Players from New York: 34

Players from Pennsylvania: 8

Boise Ross - Bethlehem, PA
Okezie Alozie - Bethlehem, PA
Jeremiah Dadeboe - York, PA
Brandon Stanback - Harrisburg, PA
Andrews Dadeboe - York, PA
Adam Mitcheson - Pittsburgh, PA
Max Perisse - Downingtown, PA
Matt Weiser - Womelsdorf, PA

House Protection Index: 50

A good chunk of our key players are from Pennsylvania, lots of family and friends in the stands! Amazing there will be 59 Pennsylvanians and 38 New Yorkers on the field Saturday. Hopefully it's a good game, the state of Northeast football is in crisis compared to the west and south, hopefully games like this will shine a light on northern talent and encourage more local kids to play.

Advantage: Penn State (3-4)

8) Key situation:

2nd Down: UB wins if they can convert on 2nd down, or failing a conversion, leave five or less yards to gain on 3rd down. On defense, UB needs to force Penn State into 3rd and long. Against Temple, Penn State had 16 plays on 2nd down, they did not earn a single first down on second down plays, and only earned 3rd and 5 or less 4 times.

Advantage: Buffalo (4-4)

9) Previous Results


2014 Akron 55-24

2014 Umass 41-21

Avg: 48-23

Penn State:

2014 Akron 21-3

2014 UMass 48-7

Avg: 35-5

PSU was 14 points worse against common opponents on offense but 18 points better on defense.

Based on the indisputable science of the transitive property, PSU is 4 points better, let's say a 35-31 PSU win.

Advantage: PSU (5-4)

10) Bruwpeg

The heart wants a win and symmetry.

Prediction UB 35- PSU 24.

In their first matchup, UB won by 10, in the second, Penn State won by 21. An 11 point win by UB would even it all out.

Advantage: UB (5-5)

Overall 10 Factors Pregame Meal Score: Tie Buffalo 5, Penn State 5. Gonna be fun.