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Penn State 27, Buffalo 14 - Vine Recap

Matthew O'Haren-USA TODAY Sports

Berry Glad We Have Run Defense

Run defense was a bit of a question mark, but for 3 quarters, the front 7 was almost flawless. Brandon Berry set the tone early with this big stop on 3rd down.

UB Escapes Thanks to a Failed Force Punt Block

Obi-Wan is not a great special teams coach.


Did the offensive line crumble under the new scheme during a big road test, or were the refs overzealous? Who knows, here's 6 false starts in 6 seconds.

Show Me the False Start

This is in slow-mo and I don't see it.

Just a Bit Offsides

If you're going to call us for false start every other play, at least be consistent with things like this offsides on a kickoff.

Big No Call

The refs move from calling dubious penalties on UB to not seeing some dubious penalties against PSU, to ignoring a glaringly obvious false start on PSU, the play led to PSU's first TD.

Ron Willoughbeast Makes the Score 10-7

Another Solid Game for Anth1

He looked good today but the penalties kept him from making a major impact.

That is One Creepy Mascot

Watch out Joe He's RIGHT BEHIND YOU.

PSU D-line is Temple-esque

The false starts created obvious long passing situations which created sacks. Can't imagine we'll see a worse day for Licata and the OL this year.

Super Mario PSU

UB handled Akeel Lynch, but #26 gashed UB late and made the play of the game with his hurdle.

McGill With TD Catches in Consecutive Games

Garbage time TD, but something we can build on for the rest of the season. Very good catch.