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NFL Week One Results - Buffalo - CFL Week 12 - Bulls

Mike DiNovo-USA TODAY Sports

National Football League

Khalil Mack

On paper Khalil Mack had a quiet-ish day. Three solo tackles, one assist, and a tackle for loss. The led some of the Raider faithful to question his effectiveness.

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As for the defense, where was Khalil Mack yesterday? Did he even suit up, because he didn't make a single noteworthy play. He had an absurdly dominant preseason and looked set to turn the NFL world on it's head, what happened to that Khalil Mack? The one we saw yesterday was a shadow.

But the fact of the matter is that Mack spent the day eating up double teams and the Raiders did not take advantage of it.

Branden Oliver

Oliver may also have a role which reduces the sexiness of his stats this season. The Sand Diego Committee mentality means that each back has a "role" to fill. In Oliver's case that role is power runs and defenses seem to key on him when he comes into the game.

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The problem for Oliver is that when he does get on the field, teams are going to expect the ball to go to him. It's going to be a tough balancing act for McCoy and Reich as you want the to get Oliver the ball without the defense knowing the ball is going to him. The Lions keyed in on that on Sunday, which is why Oliver ends up with 2 carries for 4 yards.

Oliver did however have a nice 17 yard reception.

James Starks

Starks did not get a whole lot of carries but he sure made them count. Early in the 4th Quarter, with the Packers only up the point Mike McCarthy decided to go for it on 4th and 1 at the Chicago 40. Green Bay gave the Ball to Starks who piled 3 yards for the first down.

Remember it was Starks who helped Green Bay win a road playoff game in Chicago his rookie year. The fact the Bears could have drafted Starks has not went unnoticed.

Jake Schum

Punters typically don't get the credit they deserve #PuntersArePeopleToo. Jake Schum though at least got a nice acknowledgement from bucsnation

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New punter Jacob Schum did a nice job, averaging 47.0 yards a punt.

A 47.0 yard gross is good for 10th in the NFL after week 1. More impressively his 43.7 net is good for 7th. He also put one of his four punts inside of the 20.

Kristjan Sokoli

Bummer indeed!

Canadian Football League

All is quiet on the northern front. Drew Willy is still recovering but at least the Bombers managed a win for the first time since he was out. Winnipeg beat Naaman Roosevelt and the Saskatchewan Rough Riders. For his part Naaman had a single reception.

Biggest UB impact on the CFL this past week was Ernest Jackson who had 5 receptions for 96 yards as his Ottawa REDBLACKS took down his former team the B.C. Lions