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Florida Atlantic Owls vs Buffalo Bulls football: Lance Leipold and Brandon Crawford speak to the media

Matthew O'Haren-USA TODAY Sports

Watch the videos above (from Lance Leipold) and below (Brandon Crawford) and read the key quotes from this week's press conference.

Head Coach Lance Leipold

On injured FAU QB Quez Johnson

A little more QB run game with the starter ... Redshirt freshman came in did a really nice job for them; ran a little speed option with him there. There's a slight change, but both have been very effective, causes a little extra time of preparation for both.

On the FAU offense

They're an up tempo spread team; very multiple in what they're doing and what you'd probably expect. Coach Charlie Partridge has done a nice job recruiting to what is the strengths would be in the state of Florida that he can assemble a pretty good stable of players with speed and that'll be be a great challenge for us

On experience from the Penn State game

I think we take from that game some things that are very positive. ... I thought our defense made nice strides in confidence in execution from week one to week two. Quite honestly [I'm] disappointed in how we played and I think it'd be same thing from one end of our meeting room in our offensive line play, kinda some things made us play from behind a lot in long yardage situations. ... Some of our experienced players are gonna have to take a good look at what were doing and get better this week. We need to put a whole game together, that's for sure.

On the FCS/P5 combo to open the season

I think the next two weeks before we hit conference play is the way Danny White has set up the schedule to be and one that I'm very comfortable with. Those two opponents to start it and then you kinda get back into the group of five conference in the next two weeks' opponents that good measuring stick for us as we go into conference play.

On the run game

We need to establish a running game. those two are very good football players. I'm very pleased with the way Anthone Taylor's playing for us. It was tough sledding in there on Saturday and he kept battling and he competed for four quarters. We're gonna need that from both of them as well as trying to find some work for Johnathan Hawkins as well.

Brandon Crawford

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On UB's play against Penn State

I feel like we went out, we played really had. After watching the film, watching and going over how we actually played, we made some mistakes here and there, we're just going to come back this week and get ready for FAU


Not really. I know they seem to have a pretty good looking quarterback; they like to run the ball.

On what went well against Penn State

We see from that game and the way we played against them that were headed in the right direction. We've come a long way, we still got a long way to go but after watching the film we see a lot of great things we did as a defense. It gives us more confidence going forward

On his recruiting process and playing a team near his home town

Like I've said always, I feel like I'm where I need to be. My recruiting process was a little rocky here and there but at the end of the day I'm happy with where I am.

Will the 85 degree heat be a problem for you?

No. No.

On FAU again

They're a team that likes to run the ball, and they can be very effective with it. We;re just going to have to go out and be productive. We're going to have to go out and we're all going to have to read our keys and do our jobs. As long as we do our jobs we should have a great week as well

On confidence from early season results

We're where we need to be. Especially from this time last year, I feel like right now we're in a position where we've got a lot of confidence moving forward in our schedule. And we're just ready to go out today and the rest of this week and continue to get better as a team and overall and go get a win over FAU.