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11 days to kickoff: Tyler Grassman

Who is wearing #11 in 2015?

Tyler Grassman

Hometown: Columbus, Ohio

Year: Senior

Position: Punter

High School: Gahanna Lincoln

Freshman (2012): Started every game punting 6.7 times per game with an average distance of 35.35 yards. 24% of his punts put the opponent inside the 20 and 35% were fair caught.

Sophomore (2013): Started every game but his workload was reduced to 5.5 punts per game. Improved his distance to an averarge of 40 yards, and improved his punts inside the 20 to 37%. That said, his distance perhaps came at the cost to hang time, as his fair catch percentage fell to 24%.

Junior (2014): Started every game, his workload again reduced to 4.5 punts per game. Average slightly improved to 40.7 yards per punt, punts inside the 20 fell to 32% but his fair catch percentage was 40%, a career high.

Outlook: Is the starting punter. I expect Grassman to continue to get better as he has every year, however I would be surprised if we see him 4 times a game this year, due to the powerful offense.

#11 UB Football Game

October 18, 2008 - UB 27, Army 24

The 2-4 Bulls came off three straight games that were decided on the final play of the game. UB was 1-2 in those games, which means the Bulls could have been 4-2 as easily as they could be 1-5. Against Army, UB looked to find out which team they were.

After going down 24-10 with 16 minutes remaining, UB looked like a 1-5 team. Drew Willy drove the Bulls down the field throwing for 69 yards on 7 for 7 passing including a 19 yard pass to Ernest Jackson on 4th and 8 and an 8 yard TD pass to Naaman Roosevelt.

On UB's next drive, UB drove to the 16 where Brandon Thermilus was stopped on 4th and 1. With 5:30 remaining, Army could have gained a few first downs and run out the clock, however on their first play, Justin Winters forced a fumble and Kendric Hawkins recovered giving the ball back to the UB offense at the 8. three plays later, UB tied the game on a Willy to Jackson TD pass sending the game to overtime.

In OT, Army played defense first, and stuffed Thermilus on 3rd and 2, forcing UB to settle for a 34 yard A.J. Principe field goal.. Army only needed a field goal to extend the game, but their penalties made it hard on them. Army ran for 2 yards, threw two incomplete passes and committed 2 5-yard penalties. As a result, Army needed a 51-yard field goal to extend the game. The kick sailed wide, and UB had their turning point victory of the year.