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Buffalo Bulls Basketball Schedule

Kirk Irwin/Getty Images

I've been told UB will officially release their 2015-2016 Men's Basketball schedule sometime in late August. In the meantime here is what we know so far based off UB press releases and schedule announcements from various schools.

Date Match Note
11/16/2015 University at Buffalo @ Old Dominion University

When Shannon Evans was looking to transfer UB blocked a few schools and ODU was among them. Many folks with an ax to grind ripped into Danny White for being mean by blocking some decent mid majors in Evans' back yard.

Well now we know why. Fair or not it's a pretty standard practice for schools to block their conference, the school to which their coach went, and any institutions on future schedules.

Last year ODU finished as a top 50 RPI team and were a bubble school. This will be a real test on the road for Buffalo.

11/18/2015 University at Buffalo @ Saint Joseph's University

This is another of the games UB will play as part of the The Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame Tip-Off Tournament. The Hawks are usually a pretty respectful A10 team but last season they struggled.

This is a matchup that I like for three reasons. The first being that there are a lot of UB Alumni near Philly. The Second being that it's a matchup against a team from a good conference.

Finally I like that this could be a winnable game for UB, on the road, against a team that is usually in the running for an NIT bid.

11/21/2015 University at Buffalo vs. North Carolina A&T Mohegan Sun Arena, Uncasville, CT
Very bad MEAC School but we're stuck with the game because the Aggies are in the tournament.
11/22/2015 University at Buffalo vs. TBD (Niagara/Vermont) Mohegan Sun Arena, Uncasville, CT
We will get the winner of Niagara and Vermont. Two teams that were pretty bad last year. The bigger implication of this is that the Athletic Department will not schedule the Purple Eagles this year. Perhaps maybe UB will not go hard after Big-4 games.
12/2/2015 University at Buffalo vs Saint Bonaventure
We've said before. If there is a Big4 team I want to play it would be Saint Bonaventure.
12/5/2015 University at Buffalo @ Duke
This is the money game in every way. We are going to make a lot of money and the ties between the schools will make for some really interesting story lines.
12/7/2015 University at Buffalo @ Iowa State
The other money game. I may be able to get down to this game if my kid is born on schedule.
12/12/2015 University at Buffalo vs. Binghamton
As BINGO continues its slow painful climb from the hell they created I want to savor every minute.
12/22/2015 University at Buffalo @ VCU

This is the other half of the "Why Evans was not allowed to transfer to $SCHOOL"

Don't expect a lot of fall-off from the Rams. They may have lost Smart but Will Wade spent a lot of time at VCU before taking the Chattanooga Mocs to a 40–25 record over two seasons.