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Bulls Banter webcast: Oats fills out his staff, tennis, diamond sports and track all in action

Sunday night once again means it's time for us to talk UB Athletics. During the higher-profile football and basketball season, John and I (and sometimes Dave - hoping to get him next week) use Sunday nights as a chance to talk the under-covered UB sports aside from the big two, but right now, when everything's cooler, we'll hit a little bit of everything.

Anyway, tonight we have no shortage of stuff to talk about because some UB team has been in action each of the last six days, and there's been relatively big men's basketball and football stories on top of that. In whatever order they come, tonight we'll be talking:

-Softball's heavy week against Canisius, Detroit, EMU, and CMU
-Baseball against Canisius and CMU
-Track and Field spread across three different meets, and dominating in Cornell
-Nate Oats filling out his staff, losing Nate Navigato, and gaining David Kadiri
-Men's Tennis going 1-1 on the weekend, but squeaking into the MAC Tournament
-Women's Tennis likewise squeaking into the MAC Tournament with a season-ending win
-The West Club announcement at UB Stadium and presumably the Spring Game