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Buffalo Bulls Sunday Roundup

More on all of this in greater depth the next few days

UB Athletics

This will be a quick post, just wrapping up the many sports that were in action this weekend. John and I will have more later tonight, reviving our video posts. You can watch live around 10:30 or catch it after the fact during your work day.

I'll also have more in-depth posts for all of this over the course of the week. Right now I just want to not neglect anyone, even though I spent the whole afternoon looking at cherry blossoms and dodging thousands of people taking the exact same photo.

I shouldn't rant.


That thrilling 1-0 loss yesterday was a flash of what the Bulls can be, but today's shortened 9-0 loss is a reminder of who they are right now. Akron's Erin Seiler once again shut UB down, giving up only three hits, and the rest of Buffalo's effort didn't come through. Charlotte Miller had a slow start in the circle, only for Bobbi Langlois to give up six more runs. The defense added two errors.


Baseball enjoyed three progressively lower-scoring games this weekend, and the secret seems to have been getting to six runs. A series-opening 11-6 win saw everyone, especially Bobby Sheppard (3-6, 3 RBI), get his. Saturday the Bulls didn't get to six runs and lost 6-3 to the RedHawks despite a 2-run homer and 4-4 day from Mike Abrunzo.

<blockquote class="twitter-tweet" lang="en"><p>Mike Abrunzo with the power. We like that. <a href=""></a></p>&mdash; Bull Run (@UBBullRun) <a href="">April 11, 2015</a></blockquote>

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In the rubber match today, the Mikes McGee and Kaelin combined for the shutout as UB won 6-0 and claimed the series, UB's first series win of the season.]


<blockquote class="twitter-tweet" data-partner="tweetdeck"><p>With his two stolen bases on Sunday, <a href="">@Nsinay20</a> moved into 1st place in <a href="">@UBbaseball</a> history in stolen bases in a career w/60! <a href="">#SinayItAintSo</a></p>&mdash; Louie Spina (@UBLouieSpina) <a href="">April 13, 2015</a></blockquote>

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Women's Tennis

5-2 loss to Akron on Senior Day. The Zips got their five points in #2-#5 singles, showing off their depth and winning the lower matches more easily.

Men's Tennis

Beat Toledo 4-3! I'd like a larger margin of victory over one of the lesser teams in the MAC, but wins are wins. Even better, this win came thanks to success in the doubles point. Two matches left in the season and both are crucial for a team with championship dreams.

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Track and Field

They keep doing amazing things and we love them. This will get a dedicated post, but the Bulls set two new school records, hit seven MAC qualifiers, and won four events on the weekend in Bucknell.

Records came first from Brian Crimmins, who lowered Tyler Scheving's mark from last season in the 1500 meters -that will come down again - and from Barrett Kemp in the 10000 meters. Kemp's mark erases one that had been on the UB books since 2003.

Buffalo got winners from the Men's 4x100 relay, Kelly Truppo in the Women's Pole Vault, and Camaria Long and Ryan Billian in their respective 100m dashes.

Once again we'll have more on Track and Field sooner rather than later.


I feel bad for rowing because i just don't know how to write about them. But they were in New Jersey this weekend with six boats. Only the Varsity Eight advanced to their respective Grand Final, where they finished sixth. The Second Varsity Eight, Freshman Four, and Freshman Eight boats all advanced out of their heats, but not to the Grand Finals.

Spring Soccer

I KNOW. IT'S THE BEST. This will also get a dedicated post once all is said and done, but the men beat Niagara 3-0 and the women played a pair of 50-minute scrimmages against Grand Valley State and Syracuse. Emphasis on scrimmages as the spring is a noncompetitive time for coaches to work out lineup tweaks and team chemistry. More on this and Men's Soccer's trip to England later.