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Final Thoughts on the Buffalo Recruiting Class

Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

I'm going to try to take off the Blue tinted glasses and take a look at this class. I'm not looking to be unduly critical nor reflexively excited. That's going to be easier if I start with the negative.

Where in the world are the offensive skill positions?

Outside of our Quarterback haul we have one tight end and one running back. Gary Hosey is a great pick up at running back because he seems built for Quinn's power running game but the Bulls did not bring in a change of pace back. We almost had one in Marquel Dickerson but for whatever reason the coaching staff parted ways a couple of weeks before NSD.

There are a boat load of defensive backs. One of them might have a future among the wide outs but why not try to mine the wide out pool at the prep level rather than hoping one of your DB's will be playing on the other side of the ball and that they will be effective there.

As discussed on "Last Bull In" I can only think that Quinn and company really believe that they have enough young effective receivers on the roster to carry the position for some years. With Neutz and Lee in front of them perhaps it just a matter of them not having the room to grow into the position.

The only other concern of note was well articulated by Matt and Conrad.

Where are the Western New York players? Where is Neutz or Licata? Where is Starks or Roosevelt?

It seems to me that statewide UB did well but in our own backyard there was not a whole lot of presence west of Rochester. Though like Matt I think UB needs to being using Ontario as "Our own back yard".

Now on the good side.

The linebacker unit is as good a class as I have seen UB pull. It's easily the bet line backing corps recruited in the MAC this season and it could, and should, maintain Buffalo's recent history of a very strong front seven on defense.

There was also quality depth on both lines. Some of the tackles are alreayd FBS size guys before setting foot in a UB weight room.

I love both of the Quarterbacks on the slate. They have different styles but they are both effective signal callers who won at their prep level. In a couple of seasons they will be battling it out for the starting job.

I'm really liking the Georgia pipelines. It's like Florida but not nearly as over fished. It seems as if Quinn's globe has the great lakes states, Virginia and Maryland, and then Georgia. Outside of a New Jersey pull here or there thats the footprint.

So to sum up it's a very good class. Putting rivals and other site ratings aside it's probably somewhere between 2-6 in the MAC. All that's left to do is develop these guys into great college players.